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    Mike, I'm interested in the black ones. PM sent Thanks, John
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    Wheel Bearing Seals / Spindles

    Thanks for the feedback and the link to thread.
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    Wheel Bearing Seals / Spindles

    Has anybody ever had a problem with their wheel bearing retaining nuts coming loose? There is a retaining ring with a tab that fits into a slot on the spindle. I have had problems with mine and was curious how commonly the situation occurs. When this happens it usually trashes the wheel...
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    Door locks for Superformance

    Cartoons are fine, I work well with them. :-)
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    Door locks for Superformance

    Rick, I'm in the machine shop business. ;-) Thanks, John
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    How many RHD SPF GT40s in the USA?

    That's true too. I do prefer the Halibrands on the early MK I cars. Rick I hope all is well, its been a long time. I hope to see you and Ross again soon.
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    How many RHD SPF GT40s in the USA?

    Yes, Rick is correct mine too is RHD/RHS
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    Longest distance trip in your 40?

    I did the drive from MD to RA and back.
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    Speedhut gauges

    Thanks for the info guys.
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    Speedhut gauges

    Mike, If you don't mind me asking, where did you hide the GPS antenna for the speedo? Thanks, John
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    1149 Mono Replica

    That's awesome!! John
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    Right Hand Drive (RHD) in USA - Comments

    I've never regretted mine. Thousands of miles under my belt. Highway, rural, city the whole gambit. John
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    Superformance forum

    Rick I'll help you out, just say the word. John
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    1149 Mono Replica

    Jim, Rick, The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. John
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    Howard B's RCR 40

    Howard, I use Fel-Pro 1415 gaskets. Been on and off several times, no worries. Thanks for the kind remarks about you serpentine system, I'll be sure to pass that along to Bryan. BTW - I think we only moved the engine back 1/2 inch but I'd need to check our notes. With respects to the...
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    Howard B's RCR 40

    Howard, Blue Fel-Pro, I'll get you the part number. Cheers, John
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    SPF Suspension/Steering Parts Drawings

    Hi Alan, I would greatly appreciate a set as well. Thanks, John [email protected]
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    SPF GT40 factory pictures

    My guess would be a Noble.
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    production change history?

    One more thing to consider. Its my understanding that they aren't / weren't necessarily produced in the same order as the chassis numbers. John