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    Norfolk Tornado

    Fantastic.. Really well done.
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Thanks for the comments. Here are a couple more pics.. Martin
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Thank you for all the comments, Here are some photos taken at the Eastleigh show last weekend. I will post some more photos up of the interior, engine etc soon. It was really great driving the car on the open road. Its still in the very early shakedown phase but It didn't let me down getting...
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Its almost finished.. I drove it for the first time yesterday on public roads. It certainly drew some attention. Driving impressions were great although I never got above 40mph. Steering is light, clutch really easy, gearchange good although a little stiff going into fourth, visibility no big...
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    Mda gt40

    Hey Chris, I'm nearing completion of an MDA, although its probably more Southern GT than MDA now. Welcome and enjoy. Martin
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Hey Malcolm, Thanks for the invite. I think Mick is a little sceptical about a finish before September. He's actually booked me into the Eastleigh show on Sept 8th already so that he has a real deadline to work to. If its done by 31st August, I would love to make it, but I won't put any pressure...
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Paint is on the car.. So pleased with the result. Only the rear clip and nostril panel to get done, then its back for fit up. All smiles now :thumbsup:
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    Which GT40 to buy??

    Have you talked to both companies at length and discussed exactly what you want to achieve ? With any small business you need to be sure you will recieve your product on time as promised and have the back up you need throughout the project to finish it. You should get a sense of who you feel...
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    SouthernGT hits 190mph

    You are a legend Glenn ! You can teach me to go fast in mine when I eventually get it back from the paint shop.... Maybe, If I ask nicely..
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    Where can I get the "blue lights"

    Hi Jim, The large rear ones are aircraft landing lights from WW11 aircraft. They are quite readily available on ebay in the U.K but the blue ones are a bit harder to find. I have a red one on mine + a spare. I also have a green one that doesn't look good with a red car. The front one is a...
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    MDA still still trading??

    Its the later type of chassis, the series 2. You can tell from the rear horseshoe. This is what I've got. Martin
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    Insurance who !

    I'm with Hagerty. 3K miles/Yr, Needed a Tracker fitted and its quite expensive but I struggled to find an insurer that did better given its a new car (62 plate) and valued at over £50K. Martin
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    Demister Grille

    Dave, There are usually a few on ebay over here. Here's one I found pretty quickly LOTUS ELAN S3 - DASHTOP GRILLE - HEATER. FORD GT40 KITCARS ETC. | eBay If they ship to the U.S, you could take a punt. Martin
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    Forgot to add Darrin, Good luck with your build. Its an exciting time. Martin
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    Believe me, I know how frustrating it is to have an incomplete kit of parts. However, you can't be sore at another manufacturer for not helping you out, especially a direct competitor. It would be a favour if they did, nothing more. The fact that they choose not too is not meant personally I'm...
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    Christmas present - FREE

    Helmets great Frank, Many thanks and Happy New Year. Martin
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    Keith Baker's Southern gt on the build

    Hi Keith, Nice job mate. Were the decals a pain to apply or not too bad ? I'll be in the same position as you in a couple of months time and don't know whether to tackle the job myself or not. I'm going to get the stripes done by an experienced pro as there are some areas that need stretching...
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Was this the latest MDA chassis Martin? I know that SGT have had input but I must say I like the way the car sits. From what I remember, the latest (or last) MDA chassis had some nice parts especially the uprights. Is that a practical ride height for the road? Hi Kieth, Yes, Its the very...
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the comments. That's the look I wanted. Very happy with the way its turned out so far.
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Some pics from the paint shop