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    351W intake manifold?

    Hi - after something of a break, I've just agreed to buy a V8 from a 1969 Mustang. The only ID number I could was the intake manifold, part number of C90E-9425-E -it looks like a 351W - can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance - Rob
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    Lola Collection for sale

    Hi Fran If Lola had run with Dave's proposals for continuation cars then it may have been a different story! Pics of cars for sale here: Lola Heritage - News
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    Modelling info - Miura svj

    Hi Paolo There's a Fujimi 1/16 scale on Ebay right now for $150, as well as another Fujimi 1/16 in 'Ebay shops' for around $100. There's also a 1/16 Otaki P400 on Ebay - this is a rare kit. Best of luck - it sounds like an interesting car. I once looked at a (full-size) replica Miura...
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    Hi Chris I know you've searched Europe for 906 parts/references. Did you see this car when it was for sale? Some nice reference pics. Porsche 906 Carrera 6 Werksrennwagen © Auto-Salon-Singen, Autosalon, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Bugatti, Autos, Cars, Images, Bilder, Photo And here's a...
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    A 906 at last Chris! Now you are talking my language ... Best of luck with this - and everything else. Rob
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    Removeable side windows

    The KVA MKIII had opening side windows similar to the original MKIII, without the chrome surrounds. It's simliar to the DRB set-up (nice car Peter) but they had squared off rear bottom corners and they weren't removable. How about electric side windows (see below)? Good luck - Rob
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    Lola MK6 GT - care to lend me a spare £200k?l

    << I'll get it for you need to mess with replicas >> Thanks for the kind offer Michael. I look forward to seeing it on my driveway! Best regards. Rob PS dfreeman95 - interesting story. Did your team buy the car from John Mecom?
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    Lola MK6 GT - care to lend me a spare £200k?l

    My dream car. If it sells for its reserve then it's a cheap car too - even with a Chevy engine...
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    Comment by 'RobBeddington' in media 'mallory'

    Hope she's going well mate. Rob
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    MK3 @ Stoneleigh

    Hi Andy. It was for sale at Revival Motorsport Ltd. Their website's down but the phone number is: 01455 292833 Regards.
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    Lola Spyder

    << Better than choking on my own vomit in a Miata a la Bonn Scott. >> Did Bon Scott die in a Miata? It must have been a seriously early 1980 prototype with a back seat...
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    F1 is boring me to death!!!!

    Re: F1 is not so boring !!!! As Prodrive already owns Honily, I can see where Dave Richards is coming from. That said, I think the residents, councillors and local planners have a pretty strong case. It's not just the noise - it's the 800 employees driving through your village every morning and...
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    "Ultimate" Lola T70 book - help wanted

    Re: \"Ultimate\" Lola T70 book - help wanted No detail shots but it's a great looking car. Jerry Weichers may have some photos of this car before he rebuilt it into a coupe. He's on the forum, [email protected] Pete Lyons can probably also help - [email protected]
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    Bendix fuel pumps on Ebay

    Not cheap but correctly stamped 'FoMoCo'. As used on prototypes and early GT40s (before SWs). Nothing to do with me. Bendix fuel pumps on Ebay Cheers.
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    '07 Boss 302 Mustang!!!!

    Re: \'07 Boss 302 Mustang!!!! [ QUOTE ] Kinda boy-racerish, doncha think? [/ QUOTE ] It certainly is... The original Boss Mustang knocks spots off it.
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    Borrani Wire Wheels

    Andy Try Alan at [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] They were all interested in spare Borranis last year.
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    Comstock Racing Team GT-40

    Ron - You may have seen this already, although I forgot to send it with the others. Rob
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    Jap Magna Wheels

    [ QUOTE ] A mystery wheel..... [/ QUOTE ] Not too much of a mystery. JAP stants for J A Pearce Engineering from Southall, Middlesex, who had a couple of F1 entries in the mid-1960s. The Magna wheel was designed to withstand harder knocks than your average magnesium wheel, and many seem to...
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    Two Blondes

    Q. How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? A. Only one, but the bulb must really <u>want</u> to change. Q. How many software developers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A. None. That's a hardware problem. Or: One, but if he changes it, the whole building will...
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    New aluminium Cobra in UK

    Nick Shriegley-Fiegl just phoned. He told me that his company Auto Historics Ltd is buying a run of Polish aluminium Cobra bodies (as used by Kirkham/Hawk Cars). He aims to build a run of fully SVA'd cars, with Ford V8, IDAs and T10 box, but with a modern speed sensing diff. The first car will...