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  1. peguero

    GT40 inner panel brake ducts.

    Found this while searching the web; Many Gt40 parts and prices look reasonable. Here is a link: GT 40 Parts
  2. peguero

    Gurney Weslake valve covers

    I have a set of Chris Melia’s reproduction Gurney Weslake valve covers for sale, they will fit the SBF head, hate to sell them but need the money for another project, please send me email at [email protected], if not sold I will List them on ebay next week. $300 plus shipping
  3. peguero

    Original MK1 rear lights.

    Was asked by a gt40 friend to post on the forum, not my items,1&item=8038225369&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT
  4. peguero

    Porsche Transaxle

    Don’t know about Porsche transaxles but this one looks like a nice one, nothing to do with me, just surfing the web.
  5. peguero

    Alternator bracket for sale, not original

    Please email me for details and pictures at my regular email address on my profile. Thanks
  6. peguero

    BRM wheels on Ebay

    Found this interesting set of wheels on Ebay, don’t know if BRM ever made any aluminum wheels of this kind. Seller’s description bellow. One set of (4) Gulf GT40 BRM 10" & 14" wide x 15" diameter wheels. These wheels came off a...
  7. peguero

    GTD build manual on Ebay

    I have an original GTD build manual from GT Developments on EBay if anyone is interested.
  8. peguero

    Ball joints

    Anybody knows from witch car the upper and lower ball joint (ball studs) and The outer tie rod came from on the original MK1?
  9. peguero

    Original ball joint

    Anybody knows from witch car the upper and lower ball joint (ball studs) and The outer tie rod came from on the original MK1?
  10. peguero

    Shifter for sale

    Lotus Esprit S2 shifter for sale, this shifter was designed by lotus to work with The UN1 (Renault) type transaxles, it should work with any kit that uses this Kind of transaxle, GTD, etc. please email me for price and other pictures My email address is on my profile.
  11. peguero

    MK1 Replica pedal box

    I have a replica MK1 pedal box for sale, please send email for pictures and details, email is on my profile.
  12. peguero

    Aluminum front uprights for sale

    I have a set of front aluminum upright for sale they are replica of the original MK1 but not an exact copy, if interested please send email for details and pictures.
  13. peguero

    MK1 trailing arms

    Anyone knows the correct length for the upper and lower trailing arms on the real gt40 (MK1) and what size rod ends were used? Pedro
  14. peguero

    Transaxle for sale

    Have a Renault transaxle for sale, please email me for details; Pics at the link below.
  15. peguero


    I have a UN1-26 transaxle that came out of a 1995 Lotus Esprit S4. Is anybody running the same transmission? What kind of problems with this box has anybody experience? I plan on using the car for street and will provably end up with 302 With 300-350 HP, I will also be using the large...
  16. peguero

    Tail lights

    I was wondering if anyone knows were the quad tail lights for the MKII came from.
  17. peguero

    Spot lights

    Anyone out there has a contact for the small teardrop shaped spot lights Used on the gt40’s for the 24 hour races; I mean the ones usually attached To the doors or to the rear deck.
  18. peguero

    NZ Gt40 Dave Harvey

    I will like to add my two cents to Fran’s comment about NZ gt40, I don’t even have a gt40 kit or original, jet the support from Dave has been A1. His outfit is one that helps the enthusiast and not one that tells you, I can not sell you that upright because you are not building one of my kits...
  19. peguero

    Rod Ends

    Rod Ends, what is everyone using for suspension? What brand? Two piece or three piece design?