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    Emissions good news for the UK

    Is this about MOT tests, or does it mean they are dropping the proposal to change the IVA test rules about emissions which would have stopped old engines being used?
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    2018 Formula One

    So, a thread with 6 posts about F1, (7now!) but no discussion about the actual racing!
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    Farewell Message

    Hi David. I've sent you a PM. Cheers Chris.
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    Hi David. Sorry to see you are moving on. I might be interested in your car as I've missed...

    Hi David. Sorry to see you are moving on. I might be interested in your car as I've missed mine since I sold it 12 years ago. I'm not in any hurry so can fit in with your timescale. Can you send me more details please? Thanks Chris Edwards 07720 414319
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    UK: Proposed changes to emissions

    A yank commenting on how us Brits vote. Kind of ironic don't you think!
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    Logging in to the site

    Thanks Ian. I followed your instructions and that sorted it.
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    The primary purpose of the new MOT rules is to remove the requirement for all VHIs (vehicles if historic interest) from needing an MOT. Its nothing to do with making money - in fact it's the opposite. However, what they are suggesting is that if a vehicle has been substantially modified from...
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    Logging in to the site

    Thanks for the suggestion Ian. Where will I find this on my IPhone? Facebook sometimes asks me to log in too, but not as often as this site which is every time.
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    Logging in to the site

    Thanks Randy. I've tried your suggestion and the problem persists. I'll just keep logging on each time I visit.
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    Logging in to the site

    Hi. For the last few weeks I've had to put in my user name and password in every time I visit the site. I tick the 'remember me' box every time. Just wondering if this is a change to the site, or whether it's just me?
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    UK Registration, "As New"

    I'm no expert but I've always understood 'as new ' to meant just that 'as new', NOT 'as original'.
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    F1 in 2017

    I can't imagine it being the same in 2067 !
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    F1 in 2017

    That entry list is amazing Paul. I'm by no means that knowledgable about drivers etc, but out of the 23 entrants that day, there are only 4 names that I don't think Ive ever heard of. That era truely produced legends.
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    Looks fabulous
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    Congratulations on the progress Andrew. Would love to see it when it's back in the UK.
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    Ford Mondeo GT40 Replica

    I think the bot filter needs refining a bit. !
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    Road Traffic Act section 172 advice required

    Frankly, if someone damaged my car and didn't report it so that the damage could be rectified at their expense, I'd be pretty pissed off and wouldn't give a damn if they got prosecuted for it.
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    Goodwood Revival II

    Great explanation Glenn. Thanks.
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    Goodwood Revival II

    Tell us more about the cars Glenn. Where did they all come from? They all looked brand new when I saw them in the paddock on Friday.
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    Amusing TVR Tuscan Review

    I was actually talking about the reviewer in the video , Larry , but if you want an argument , I'm happy to have one.