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    GTD-40 Partially completed for sale *SOLD*

    This hurts more than you could imagine guys………… My GTD-40 is now for sale, a victim of domestic discord.…………About 98%, maybe better, of the parts are present to complete the build. This is a very high end GTD build, undertaken with the engineering support and guidance of some of my dear friends...
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    AMLS at Lime Rock

    I spent an enjoyable day yesterday attending the AMLS. Lots of accessable great tech, met some new friends, great food, just does not get any better, except for one thing. Out of maybe 8 jillion cars we found ONE GT-40. I think it was Eric's from New York, it's time for the New England boys to...
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    6 point harness installation instructions

    I found this today while looking for a technical discussion about the installation of saftey harnesses. May be of interest to some of the DIY guys. Brian
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    Temporary spray booth

    This one if for the DIY guys out there. We will be spraying paint sometime this summer and have already taken the class that Mark Worthington set up at PPG a little while ago. What I am considering now is any advice that someone with experience may have with setting up a spray booth in a two car...
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    Deep twin nostril conversion

    Fearing that I would not be able to push enough air through my stock GTD twin hatch to cool the rad, I had Bill Hough, "The Master of Fiberglass" cast an original twin deep nostril piece to graft on to my own. It's a real nice nice piece of work and looks like it will have maybe 6 times the...
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    Reverse lights

    I need a reverse light, also called back up light(s) to get an inspection sticker on my car. Has anyone found a nice little light to suit these requirements when necessary? Has to be white, and I'd prefer it not be an L.E.D. style Have spent a bunch of time on the tube this morning and the...
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    Aeroquip Socketless hose and fittings

    Time for a little plumbing, anyone have experience with Aeroquip Socketless hose and fittings? They look to be just the ticket for a do it yourself guy, but my brain can't handle how they work and won't leak without a crimp. Thanks Brian
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    Windshield Wiper kits

    I need to purchase a windshiled wiper setup for our GTD and while searching the web I found three universal kits and they are from; - "It's a snap" - "Specialty Power windows" - Autoloc If anyone has used any of these products and would care to comment on the ease of installation or how...
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    GTD Heater core fitment

    I would appreciate it if someone could post a picture or two of the heater core box installation in a GTD. Have all parts in hand, just need to see which way round things fit together. Ideally I'd like to see the box affixed to the cockpit cross members just prior to dash installation. Many...
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    GTD Chassis Alignment

    If any technical articles have been published in the GTD Club mag regarding initial chassis alignment, it would be most appreciated if someone could be kind enough to get a copy over to me. I need to rough in the suspension in order to set the final body position on my car. Many Thanks Brian
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    Rubber hose just ain't a rubber hose.

    Thought I'd pass along my recent experience with rubber hoses. I have made some barb fittings to provide an air bleed for my GTD radiator and being economically minded, thought I'd just use a piece of fuel tuing to vent back towards the accumulator tank. Since I am using Goodyear Hysunite fuel...
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    Radiator caps and PSI...Why?

    Finishing up my coolant system and I see that radiator caps are available in a variety of psi ratings from around 9 to 30 psi. Is it correct to assue they somehow are matched to the thermostat and releive pressure at cooler temps? What's the standard one for a small block Ford putting out modest...
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    Seat Covering materials

    Anyone cover their own seats? If so what materials did you consider for use and what did you end up using? Right now I am leaning towards Aramid or Nomex. The current disadvantage to Nomex being that I can't find yardage for sale, while the Aramid is available by the foot or yard in a variety of...
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    R-21 Master cylinder adapter

    I have a stock Master cylinder on my R-21 and don't recognize the threads for the hydraulic line. They don't taper like a pipe thread, and don't have a seat like a double flare or AN would work with. Lastly, the hole is so big an -4 male fitting just drops in. If anyone know what the threads...
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    Anyone familiar with Kydex?

    I need to make a closure panel for the front of my GTD behind the upper shock mount. I don' have any aluminum working tools in my garage right now, so I thought I'd try a making the panel with a thermoset plastic and a web search turned up a material called Kydex, it's the stuff they make gun...
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    GTD in UK

    I don't know how to post a link, but there is a part built GTD for sale in the UK on EBAY. Very good prospect for someone willing to take on a project and source the balance of parts and invest some labor. It's a heck of a lot more than I started with. And if I can put one together, anyone...
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    Another thought on home made seats

    Like Howard, I am short on dough with my build so I have also taken it upon myself to build my own seats. Starting off with a pair of fiberglass shells from Bill Hough , I slightly widened the driver seat and used left over ali sheeting to make the back, sides and bottom which will be glued...
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    Cleaning up and polishing aluminum

    I was a little dismayed by some of the beatings that my paneling had taken while we trial fitted and removed, and fit back on and removed again the various bits on to the car. So I decided to take a poke at cleaning up the aluminumi cladding in the driver side wheel well. A little compounding...
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    VHT Paint for Headers

    Does anyone have experience with VHT Flameproof paint for headers? After refitting the collectors and tabs, I need to re-think protecting them from rust, and VHT appears to be a good way to go. Any thoughts appreciated. Brian
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    Dimensions from a stock GTD

    Head scratching right now on my GTD....... If anyone could be kind enough to measure a few things for me from a stock GTD, I would appreciate it. I would like the front tire center to center measurement as well as the distance between the outsides of the front tires. I would like the same...