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    Selling my original MDA doors. I've got Southern GT ones on my car now. The MDA ones are quite thick, however, where the pins are at the top of the door to attach to the door bracket, the fibreglass is thin and will need repairing/reinforcing as it has started to split on one side making...
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    Throttle Body angle

    Hi all, Does anyone know the exact angle that the throttle bodies were tilted inwards in the original Gulf cars ? Martin
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    Wiper Motor and linkage

    Selling my MDA wiper motor assembly. Fully tested but surplus to requirements. It's a Bosch unit, so quite strong and with the hard linkage it should be pretty robust. It's mounted on a rather heavy piece of box section though which I would probably modify. Cost me £140 from MDA but looking for...
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    Moscow Terrorist Bombing

    To all that care, I have had a very lucky escape. I was on the BMI flight from London to Moscow Domodedovo airport which landed just before the terrorist attack on the airport. I saw some things I wish I hadn't and I feel very lucky. Had my flight landed a few minutes earlier, things could be...
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    Stainless Exhaust for sale

    Hi, I've decided to sell my stainless steel exhaust system that I have currently on my MDA. It is a full cross over system and comes complete with silencers. It is brand new and never seen any action. It is quite stiff to align up but it does fit my car with good clearance to the rear clip...
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    Total Kit Car day at Brands Hatch

    I've just spent the day at Brands Hatch where Total Kit Car magazine put on an open pit lane event for all kit car manufacturers to show their wares. Manufacturers were a little thin on the ground with few potential buyers by the look of it. However, Southern GT were there with two cars, Mick...
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    Porsche 930 Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing

    Hi, I have a Tilton 800 series Low Profile 38mm 2.14" Hydraulic Release Bearing that I bought for use with my 930 Transaxle. Unfortunately although it fits nicely on the box itself, because I have a custom bellhousing and I'm using a full size Ford clutch, I don't have enough space for it so...
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    Taking My old MG on track

    I set a target for myself this year of getting myself on track in my old MG so I could learn the circuits a bit and hone my driving in preparation for the GT40. This week saw me at Brands Hatch circuit for an MG only session. This is a car that I have played around with a lot over the years but...
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    GTD Exhaust for sale

    I picked this up 6 months or so ago thinking it may be suitable for my MDA but I've since plumped for a stainless system so the GTD system is surplus to requirments. It's mild steel, aluminised, has no rust, is a full cross over system and I have the adaptor flanges which you will need for...
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    Istanbul Grand Prix

    Thought I'd share with you a fantastic weekend. After having enjoyed the F1 race in glorious sunshine high in the grandstand at turn 9, I went back to my hotel. A lot of the F1 teams were staying there so no shortage of race related conversation to evesdrop in on. In the morning I went down for...
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    Water Expansion Tank

    I'm thinking of having a custom expansion tank made up to replicate the older style MK1 units but will fit into an MDA. My MDA in particular. What points do I need to look out for ? I have a few initial thoughts of my own 1. What pressure Cap should I look to buy. 19-20psi, 22-24psi or...
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    Fire Suppression

    Guys, I've just purchased a 2.25 litre fire marshal mechanical system for my GT40. It is the slimline version as the place I want to put it will not cater for a full 4 litre bottle. My question is this.. It comes with two firing nosils, one for the engine compartment and one for the driver...
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    Hello from Siberia

    Hi Guys, On another business trip, this time in the depths of Russia. One thing that is a little strange. My last three business trips to different countries, different hotels, different booking agents etc I have been allocated the same room, room 302. Is this a sign ? I think a higher power is...
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    Fiat 500 ABARTH

    If anyone's interested, I took these snaps at Berlin airport yesterday. They had the Abarth on display at 17,500 Euros.
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    SVA test changing

    To all in the U.K, I was wondering if anyone had any insight into what the changes may be when the SVA test is phased out next year and the new test is brought in. Rumours abound that this is just a stepping stone to full type approval. I'm probably/almost definitely NOT going to get my car...
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    Show me your engine colour

    Gentlemen, There seems to be a lot of different blues out there. I was just wondering what shade others on the forum have gone for. I'm replicating loosely a 68/69 car and so a blue block rather than a black one is probably what I'll choose. Please post photos of your engine block..Even the...
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    These are funny little cars !

    Querky little things aren't they...Actually look quite cool driving around the Italian streets. I like them. Martin
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    Catalytic Converters ! Acceptable or Dire ?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has fitted a new engine in their 40 and has needed to fit catalytic converters. I've no idea what they look like on a 40 or how they effect the power output ? If anyone has photos of a GT40 with 302ci engine fitted with CATS, I'd be interested to see it...
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    Build Diaries

    Both my own and Steve Barkers MDA build diaries have been moved to the MDA section. Although I don't mind where they sit, I thought that the build diaries themselves should remain in that forum location and more specific MDA dialog go in the MDA section ? I only comment, as members trawling...
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Today I took delivery of my MDA. This is MDA's latest MK2 chassis (That is Mk2 as in 2nd generation of chassis not a distinction between GT40 Mk1 and Mk2) I opted for the Mk1 body with Gulf flares in red gelcoat. The chassis is fully panelled and black powder coated.