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    351W intake manifold?

    Hi - after something of a break, I've just agreed to buy a V8 from a 1969 Mustang. The only ID number I could was the intake manifold, part number of C90E-9425-E -it looks like a 351W - can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance - Rob
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    Lola MK6 GT - care to lend me a spare £200k?l

    My dream car. If it sells for its reserve then it's a cheap car too - even with a Chevy engine...
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    Bendix fuel pumps on Ebay

    Not cheap but correctly stamped 'FoMoCo'. As used on prototypes and early GT40s (before SWs). Nothing to do with me. Bendix fuel pumps on Ebay Cheers.
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    New aluminium Cobra in UK

    Nick Shriegley-Fiegl just phoned. He told me that his company Auto Historics Ltd is buying a run of Polish aluminium Cobra bodies (as used by Kirkham/Hawk Cars). He aims to build a run of fully SVA'd cars, with Ford V8, IDAs and T10 box, but with a modern speed sensing diff. The first car will...
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    "Ultimate" Lola T70 book - help wanted

    \"Ultimate\" Lola T70 book - help wanted John Starkey's putting together a brand new T70 book, far more in depth than anything before He needs info/photos etc as below. John's email is [email protected] << Hello Gentlemen, (and Ladies!) Years ago, I wrote a book on the Lola...
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    GTD project on Ebay - Florida

    Start price $25k, 'Buy it Now' $40k with engine, $34k without. Nothing to do with me. GTD on Ebay
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    KVA - MK1 C-Type chassis and body kit - Essex, UK

    'Buy it Now' for £3,500. KVA MK1 body/chassis on Ebay UK Nothing to do with me, although I've dealt with Dave the owner before and he's dead straight. Cheers
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    RCR in the UK?

    Not you again Rick? Looking at I'm not sure what your tie-in is with Fran, but best regards, especially after the CAV and RF sagas.
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    Life begins at 40 ...

    Hats off to Teddy Sheringham - 40 years old, 691 games and still doing great things in England's Premiership (that's 'soccer' to you US guys). Rob (Life-long West Ham Utd fan - for my sins)
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    Lola T70 Continuation Gallery

    There's a new gallery of the prototype continuation series T70 MKIIIB on the Lola Heritage site. I was lucky enough to sit in this car at Lola a few weeks ago and it was some experience, just standing still. There's some original stuff on it pending development of remanufactured parts. Groovy...
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    Ford GT40 prints, canvases etc available from Ford USA.

    See: Ford GT40 Artehouse prints Shelby Mustang and Cobra prints also available Cheers.
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    Eric Broadley's back ...

    Eric Broadley\'s back ... ... as a director of GT40 North America in Westfield IN under its new ownership of Legend Motors. Andrew Broadley is still Chief Technical Officer. As well as the GT40, they're claiming to build a McLaren M6, a Daytona Coupe, a Mercedes Gullwing and the Lola T70...
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    New MKIIIB from Lola Cars!

    The word is that the first of 20 continuation series Lola MKIIIB coupes is now under construction, to be ready for the Autosport show in January. Nothing official yet but I hear that Lola's price will be £165,000. Get your cheque books out ... There will be a few articles about the MKIIIB in...
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    Lotus Cortina Race Car stolen in California today

    Not a GT40, but still a shame. Rob > STOLEN 11/16/05 CARMICHAEL CALIFORNIA > > 1965 Lotus Cortina RHD Race Car > BA74EM59105 > White Green > Race Numbers 543 > PHP Wet Sump Motor > 45 Webbers > Quaife 4speed dog box > Quaife LSD diff > Kirkey Race Seat &gt...
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    Wild hill climb ...

    Wild hill climb
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    600,000 BTU workshop heater for sale - UK

    British made 600,000 BTU heavy duty workshop heater to suit 7,000+ sq ft workshop. Duo fuel (gas/diesel) Top spec. Ex-US forces, never used but serviced for the last 8 years. All parts still available in UK. Cost new £5,500. For sale at £1,750. Also 400,000 BTU heater, same source £1,500...
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    Gurney Eagle heads

    A friend has come across three sets of Gurney Eagle heads to fit a 289/302, of which one could be for sale. Apparently brand new, they come with the works: heads, valves, springs, rockers, shafts, mounting posts, inlet manifold, water rails, rocker covers, etc, everything in fact except carbs...
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    Lola magnesium uprights - Hewland gears

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but it's Lola related. (Fran, apologies if not). I saw someone yesterday who is manufacturing magnesium Lola uprights. From what I could see they are very similar to T70 uprights. He has already sold three sets to Lola T70 owners. Not cheap but they look...
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    Reasonably priced ZF transaxle

    Pantera tranny, start price of $3,500 and a 'Buy It Now' of $4,500. Pantera transaxle on Ebay Nothing to do with me. Cheers. Rob
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    Oh dear - it's back

    Oh dear - it\'s back 'Needs painting and interior cloth' one off Cheers.