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    1966 Ford GT40 (CAV) #82 for sale ***SOLD***

    Thank you guys car sold first week sorry for late post car went to Ohio
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    ***SOLD 1966 Ford GT40 (CAV) #82 for sale SOLD***

    I am Selling my GT40. I have had the car for 5 years and what an enjoyment it has been. I am going to retire and travel so its time to let someone else enjoy it as much as i have. It was built in 2004 by Cape Advance Vehicles in South Africa (CAV). It was delivered to HRE Motorcars in Freeport...
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    webber carbs

    Any GT40 owners in Georgia know anyone who can work on webber carbs ?
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    jrun53 cav 82

    I noticed cav #80 is in Atlanta Ga Pat Buckley if you still have your car please contact me John Runyan would like to find as many gt owners in Ga that I [email protected] or 770-329-4473
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    Thank you james patton cav 82

    I finally bought a car thank you james patton for selling me your cav #82 what a great car from a great person.the car now has a new home in roswell ga look forward to meeting gt 40 owners in ga thanks again james your friend john runyan !!
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    Still looking

    Jim #82 don't forget me still waiting !!
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    gt40 wanted

    Looking for cav or superformance and rcr 80,000.00 for the right car john runyan [email protected]
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    Looking FOR Cav or Superformance 80,000,00 for the right car John Runyan 770-329-4473 or [email protected] Thank You !!!
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    Gt40 wanted

    Looking for a Gt40 Cav RCR Superformance must be titled 60 to 70 max. I live in Georgia very strict tag and title laws.Please let me know Thank You !