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    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    Russell, I haven't been here for a while so I missed your sad news, so sorry for your loss mate, Carol was a great lady, she will be greatly missed by all that knew her.
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    Heat shielding

    Hi Mahlon, she's looking great can you share where you got your silver insolation, some I have found cost more in freight than the product to ship to NZ
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    Thanks for the info Frank, its exactly what I have been looking for, sadly it costs more for freight' than the cost of the product to ship to NZ lol
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    Franky , would you be able to help with a supplier for your chequer board patterned alloy foil/insulation you have fitted in your peddle area i'm looking for the same type of pattern in a heat foil for my engine cover, also are you running hydraulic power steer in those hoses in your sill, you...
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    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    Guys i read a few days ago on a Professional car painting group on Facebook Auto Body and Painting , never use any etch coating on steel if you are top coating with an epoxy, you end up with Russel's problem the two dont play well together.
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    Where is Keith1?

    Wow David 9 beats not really enough unless your a magican escaping a tank of water, maybe your AIC has failed that's a real slow idle hope you get it sorted quickly and easy
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    Where is Keith1?

    Hi David you might try b12 vitamin for the Neuropathy problem it worked for me taken as a liquid from the health shop I took about 3 times the dosage and it sorted it real quick
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    Anybody recognise this pedal box?

    Looks like a Custom build to me , you can have a custom build like that in NZ, but the steering column must go between the gas and brake pedal to be certified.
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    Wiring fans to both come on for AC or Engine

    Guys can anyone suggest a supplier for decent relays that handle 40 plus amps I have tried several Chinese favours and they all melt after a year or two .
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    Wheel Camber Settings

    Guys, I'm doing a setup up of my suspension at present and I used to use one of those $300 Digital protractor units unfortunately it died after a rat got too it , i found a really good app for my android phone up in the play store it's called Clino meter it gives you a bubble level and degrees...
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    McCopy mk 5

    Hi Russell, I am at a similar point on my build after changing to bmw uprights arms etc at the front would you be able to forward me a copy of what when why to [email protected] it might help I'll give you a call re engine etc
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    McCopy mk 5

    Yes still have it but it will need a rebuild.
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    McCopy mk 5

    Hi Russell, I suspect the errors are due to your camber change on bump and droop, i made a Guage years ago that worked great it was two pieces of plywood big enough to cover the wheel rim , one piece sat on the floor with a weight on it, the other piece attached with three small hinges and...
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    McCopy mk 5

    Looking real nice Russell,so much progress being made I love the yellow,sets it off nicely.
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    McCopy mk 5

    Hey Russell, It's looking good is there a reason you cant just spread the inner end of the lower arms, rather than having to have them bent. And i agree the construction manual is dawnting there seems to be more you cant do compared to what you can. And everytime you reread it you find more got...
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    LS Steam Tube

    Hi Howard , i have a rover mgf that is midengine and it has a air bleed on the heater core in the front boot and it stops that last bit of air from hiding in the heater core but the biggest trick with a mid engine is to jack ip the rear of the car as high as you can get it when bleeding and...
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Hi Vinny G , you and others might find this link useful • View topic - Torsion Constants of Tubing
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    Scotts build thread

    Hi Scott, Have you looked at using the bmw m70 or m73 a mate is doing that with a tiptronic in his Aventador Replica.
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    Clutch plate ..

    Hi Ron, i sourced a rx7 mk 4 pressure plate and clutch disk for my project to go into a 016 box i had 3mm skimmed from inside the bellhousing and the clutch people changed the splined centre section of the disk to suit the input shaft, about 30 splines, i think the 012 and the 016 bellhousing...
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    Adjustable sway bars

    Thanks guys for the replies, this could be the brand on the centre picture, it would appear seeing it has steps in the rear shaft section that it does not travel in and out, it just rotates so you either get a very thin flat plate, or a semi verticle blade that would offer more resistance to...