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    930 transaxle

    I'm selling my 930, it is a 1979 with LSD and has been shortened 25mm. I am including the parts for the hydraulic clutch, shifter parts, tranny mounts and throw out bearing. I had this in my GT and replaced it with a G50/50. This transaxle was a spare for a race car so it has very few miles and...
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    GoPro in a GT40

    Hi all, I just took an awesome 35 minute drive in the GT40 with a GoPro mounted on the firewall inside the cabin! The video is great but the sound is terrible? Where do you guy's mount your GoPro's to get good sound without all the "extra" noise? Please help Steve
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    930 to G50/50

    Hi All, I am in the process of replacing my Porsche 930 4 speed with the Porsche G50/50 5 speed. There have always been questions about dimensions and such about these two transaxles and this seemed like a good time to answer some of those questions. I have already shortened the input/main...
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    Aluminum Mono

    About a year ago I decided I wanted to build a TIG welded aluminum Mono chassis for my GT40. I know there is no good reason to build a new frame when the one you have is perfectly good but I like to learn new things and this seemed like a great way to learn. I have admired Frans design for years...
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    Edelbrock ProFlo2 EFI

    Has anyone put an Edelbrock Pro Flo2 EFI system on a 302?
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    Northwest Vintage Races at Pacific Raceways

    Hi Gang, Anyone from the Northwest area planning to go to the Vintage Races at Pacific Raceways the end of June? We had a few cars there last year and it was a good time, we should do it again! Steve
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    GT40 fuel tank baffels and pickup

    I have two questions. 1st- How do you assure that your fuel pickup will be in fuel going up or down a long hill? 2nd- What kind of internal baffels are you using? The 60"+ long narrow tanks on a GT40 present a problem if you are going up or down a long hill, say for several miles like we...
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    Quick Fuel metering blocks for a Holley 4150

    Has anyone tried the Quick fuel adjustable metering blocks for a Holley type 4150 carb? I'm running a 650 Speed Demon and I can't get it lean enough at idle no matter what I do. I would think adjusting the idle feed restrictions will solve this problem but wonder if anyone has gone down this...
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    Holley Commander 950

    I'm thinking of changing to EFI and have been looking at the Holley 950 Commander, has anyone had any experience with this system? Thanks, Steve26
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    Audi 5N complete drivetrain

    I am changing to a Porsche 930 so my complete drivetrain is for sale. I have driven it for 500+ miles over the last year, there are no problems everything works great. I have the following items and would like to sell the entire package. I will seperate the tranny but would like to sell the rest...
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    930 Transaxle upgrade

    So I'm thinking about putting a 930 transaxle in my car and looking at the different ways to mate it to the Ford 302 and while doing this I saw a great idea on the forum and now I can't find it. Someone here milled the bell housing completely off and attached a Ford aluminum bellhousing that had...
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    Have any of you guys down under heard of or delt with Albins? A friend of mine sent some info on them and it looks like they make a 3:22 ring and pinnion for the Audi 5N gearbox? Any help would be great. Thanks Steve
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    Steves scratch KVA

    Hi all, I thought I would start a thread on my car. I have been working on it for seven years and am finaly seeing the light at the end of the tunel. I bought a KVA body and built most everything else. I did have to replace the rear body section and ended up using a CAV so there were a few...
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    GT Supercars

    Has anyone heard anything from John Hester? It ia now August 6th and he told me two weeks ago he would send my parts. Nothing yet? We are now at ten weeks and counting!!!
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    GT Supercars in Columbus Ohio- John Hester

    I sent John Hester $820.00 for a windshield, right door, door handles and some weather stripping. He has cashed my check and never sent anything. It has been two months and he never answers the phone or returns my calls. This guy is a scamer and not to be trusted. DON'T SEND HIM ANY $$$$.
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    GT Supercars? Does anyone know if this company is still in b

    I have been building a GT40 from scratch for four years, I recently(4 weeks ago) sent $$$ to John Hester at GT Supercars for a door, windshield, and other parts and have nor heard from him since! Does anyone know anything about GT Supercars or John Hester?