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    50th Anniversary roundels

    Hi all, I have been able to get some stickers designed on the 50th Anniversary theme, These will be low tack external stickers so that they can be stuck to car bodywork and will be in 100mm and 300mm diameter roundel size. I plan to have some made and bring them along to the LMC in July, If you...
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    Weekend trip coincidences

    Just been on a weekend trip to Bournemouth in the UK. Two unexpected coincidences one of which has sparked a question and the other just a great way to start a weekend so wanted to share. Driving along the south coast road from Exeter, past Seaton and heading towards Bridport we saw a dark...
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    Steve McQueen LeMans style jacket

    Hope this ad is OK here, it's the first time I've tried this, I have a brand new leather jacket for sale in the Steve McQueen style from the film LeMans. It has the stripes and the patches (see photo) but is in a rather fetching (if a little feminine) yellow. I ordered white so I could use it at...
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    Coming to America

    Nothing to do with the Eddie Murphy film, but I thought I would see if there is anyone in the Nashville area that might like to meet during of the Weekend of the 2nd/3rd Feb. My work is bringing me over to the US and I am spending a few days in Chicago and then travelling down to Nashville on...
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    Super weekend Torquay UK

    The Super weekend of Torquay UK is planned for the 14th to the 16th June 2013. This will be the second year of this show and yet already it appears to be gaining momentum. This is not a show aimed at any particular motoring or demographic group, but is aimed squarly at attracting people with...
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    professional photos

    For those of you who love their cars (all of us) and are in the UK there is a new website by photographer Mike Alsford who is trying to promote a venture for car owners to have a photoshoot of their pride and joy with or without them included in shot Mike has taken a set of my car link here...
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    !968 LeMans winner photo wanted

    Hi all, I've been trying to find a photo of the No 9 winning car driven by Pedro Rodriguez and Lucien Bianchi from the 1968 LeMans. I have several shots but none of it actually passing the flag. the reason I want this is that I would like to have a poster of the 4 wins 66-69 for car shows that I...
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    The smallest Video camera......In the World!

    Just thought I would draw your attention to this little gem that a colleague passed on to me yesterday. This thing is incredible and should satisfy track day video needs for most of us. If you just want to take a video through the front window of your car while driving this is probably going to...
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    track day at Llandow (Near Cardiff)

    I am trying to organise a track day for a few colleagues at work at the LLandow circuit in Wales on Saturday the 17th April. It is being done through an instructor who will also be attending and the intention is to book the circuit for the day as a private session. I have 6 cars/drivers lined up...
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    My MDA with no spark

    Thought I would let people know the current situation with my MDA. About two months ago on the way out of the garage it just stopped and would not start again. Since then I have done a fair bit of investigation and with the help of experts have narrowed it down to this - We think the alternator...
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    GT40 stamps

    Don't know if anyone else has spotted these stamps but what a great thing to have framed on the wall, might even appreciate over time. Go on ebay and seach for "GT40 Stamps". There are complete sheets, singles and stamps in keyrings. I have just bought a sheet to frame. Pretty cool. Chris
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    Mk 2 MDA photo needed

    Hi everyone I am in the middle of redrafting a flyer for MDA to hand out at the Stoneliegh show, but although I have completed the Mk1 side including pictures (no prizes for guessing who's car was used) of car, brakes, suspension and engine, I do not have a photo of a Mk2 MDA for the second...
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    switch labels

    Thought you might be interested in these switch labels I made for my GT. My car came with nothing labelled (as I assume most do) so I decided to create a plate with labels on. If anyone has a similar situation I used black satin fibre board (plastic) and cut it out to suit. The white idents are...
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    Nordschliefe 2008

    Hi again Back in 2005 I took my eldest daughter to the Nurburgring for her 21st birthday (yes being car mad does run in the family) in a 150BHP VX Calibra, as expected the bug bit us both. Now two years later I am considering going back in a real car to try to improve on my lap time. I have not...
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    Hi from a newbie in SW UK

    Hi to everyone. Just recently taken ownership of a brand new MDA Mk1 in Sept this year, like most of you, this has been a lifelong dream that I never thought I would realise, but here I am. It's got a 302V8 direct from the US with a Holley and a 5 speed box. Sorry to say, but I have given in to...