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    Damaged gt40?

    Since it is LHD and the bends on the sponson ribs seem a bit narrower than the original i would guess it is a superformance chassis.
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    Steel welded frame vs Monocoque

    I would guess that it is the total package of a original style mono car; Your shifter is basically steel to steel all the way to the transmission, no cables. Suspension is either rosejoint or bearings, no bushings that provide any flex or dampening. Very few offers a monocoque as a loose item...
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    reserve fuel tank ideas

    Maybe a stupid question but why not just install a fuel level switch and have big red light "in your face"?
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    Ball joint extender bumpsteer.

    And what exactly is the background for kpi being the most important? Everything needs to correspond to eachother and its a matter of making the correct compromises. To threadstarter; if you measure all pickuppoints i can run it through a analysisprogram to get graphs for everything through the...
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    Ball joint extender bumpsteer.

    How dies it look from above? In neutral position does the trackrod point forward/backward/perpendicular to car centreline?
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    Ball joint extender bumpsteer.

    I am i no way an expert and its been some time since i last "dived" into this field; If you draw a line between your inner pivot points, the inner balljoint (on the steeringrack) should be as close as possible to that axis. Second your trackrod should be parallell to your lower controlarm. Is...
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    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    Based on the teaser posted on the publishers homepage there is quite a few drawings which has not been available before.
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    Audi R8 transaxle dimensions and questions.

    W is approx 185mm, L approx 750mm. If you need the rest i can take measurements during weekend as i have a loose transmission in the basement. The shaft for front diff can be chopped off.
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    Cars scanned into videogames

    OK, good information. Any idea what "make" his cars are or anywhere i can find photos of them?
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    Cars scanned into videogames

    Hi As a few probably know gameproducers scans some of the cars and base their modelling on this. Some models are available online but i wonder if anyone knows what car has been scanned. I have from Forza Horizon 4 (mk1) and CSR Racing (mk2) Both models have many details that makes me think...
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    LED Headlights

    I bought some cheap led bulbs for my 500cc moped. They gave better light but not like "wheeey", went from superbad to just bad with the bulb only. Have a look at ebay, aliexpress etc and give them a try.
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    Unknown GT40 replica restomod.

    Never heard about air suspension?
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    Original front and rear body hinge / pivot photo request

    2459 is for the rear "hingepoint". Front is not there.
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    Original front and rear body hinge / pivot photo request

    There is a drawing package on grabcad, same as sold on eBay . The parrotbeac and hinge is included in that package.
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    LH drive dash top photos

    Cant you just mirrorize the rhd one? Drawing 2086.
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    How much power to a ZF 25-2 ?

    Do you have a clutchdisc with a sprung centre?
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    Thanks for opening up your garage for two random guys on a visit today Rune. Car looks great.
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    we did it !! succesful swap of Premier tanks on a Gelscoe

    That will most certainly help several of us alot. Thanks for sharing
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    we did it !! succesful swap of Premier tanks on a Gelscoe

    No, we would like to replicate the sills but dont have the assemblydrawing where the location is specified