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    Carbon GT mono

    Hi Urs, You sent me a PM the other day , did you get my reply ? (Fabulous project and you seem to produce bits at an alarming rate !) Iain
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    Bathurst We took RF 117 out to Bathurst over the Easter Week End. Mostly good news apart from...

    Bathurst We took RF 117 out to Bathurst over the Easter Week End. Mostly good news apart from a minor altercation with the wall coming out of the cutting. I saw a red GT 40 who was entered in another event, any body know who that might have been ? Iain
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    Diffuser anyone?

    Mike, Do I understand that you are willing to sell this set up, (despite the need for modifications) ? We have been playing around with a rear diffuser design for a long time now , but if someone has done the hard work I am definatley interested Iain
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    What transaxle

    Cliff, You are spot on with the Ricardo being a bit more civilised that the Hewland, I have nick named my VGC Mike (After Mike Tyson) you have to really agressive with the gear changes, in fact the more agressive the easier the change. Noise has not been an issue, i simply cant hear it over...
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    What transaxle

    Hi Andre, I have a Hewland VGC that was fitted to my RF117 it has plenty of capacity for the power figures you are talking about. We also have the CNC milling program for a billet bellhouse to suit a Windsor block. It is strong enough to enable you to hang suspension components if required (we...
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    Rf 117

    RF 117 is entered in the support category for the V8s this week end at Eastern Creek (25 - 26 August) if you are at the event please come and say hello Iain
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    Anyone care to suggest a shipping company?

    Chris, You need a new project Iain
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    Which transaxles can be dog boxed?

    I have a VGC in my car which is dog engagement with straight cut gears, the noise for me is not an issue but I imagine in a road car it would be. The best description i ever read on the benefits of dog engagement was written by the guys at Albins. The faster you can manage the gear change the...
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    24hr 16th/17th June

    Hi David, Oliver was in Car No 4 which I understand placed 3rd, did you bump into his father ? Iain
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    Accusump Question

    We used to have an Accusump fitted to my Cobra when we raced it (before the dry sump). I mounted a remote air pressure guage on the dash board so i could see when it was actuall in use, you could use this to guage what pressure to set the system at.
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    Aussie RCR T70 capers

    Looks like heaps of fun Does this means that you are now eligible for the PSCRAA 1 hr race at Morgan Park in September ? Iain
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    Frank, Not sure how you ended up with your silencer, whilst it was quite large the silencers that we made for our car were whisper quiet. My build log (RF 117) has some fairly detailed pictures of how we/they acheived this. The workshop have made some tools to enable them to replicate...
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    A Man's word.

    Hi Pete, Could you email me on [email protected] I would like to pick your brain on the ins and outs of restoring a mustang Regards Iain
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    re: Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars Hi James, (We have never really communicated before so dont feel comfortable calling you Jimmy.) Do I understand that you have sourced a front windscreen that has a heater element embedded in the glass ? Iain
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    Rf 117

    Ian, Thanks for setting up the link Chris, The oil temp had been getting progressivley hotter each time we went out, the last session it got too hot to continue, they drained the oil which looked good but they found some crud in the filter so untill we can work out what the crud is & if it is...
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    CAD drawing. Help me please!

    Stevo was with us at Bathurst and spent the week end helping out, if any one could help with links to CAD drawings or 3d modeling in some form of digital format it would be a great help.I am sure he will be willing to share the finished product with the GT 40 community, he made a start with a...
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    Rf 117

    I have just posted a video on Vimeo of two laps at Bathurst this year
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    Rf 117

    RF 117 at Bathurst We are heading up the hill for the Easter week end, very happy to see anyone who is interested. Garage # 7
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    Cross ram intakes

    Nil effect on the dyno and i suspect that getting cold air in a controlled manner would have provided a benefit over a mixture of cold & hot from the engine bay Iain
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    Cross ram intakes

    Just found the pictures of the air filter setup