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    Cad mods to the SLC

    I found this in my travels on Mad Mechanics what do you guys think, i like the side vent and the bigger side window.But i prefer the original headlights
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    Chupacabra build videos

    Guys its not a GT40 but still worth watching as Charlie Builds what will be the new Countach, he is building a unique mono chassis that has to be seen to be believed, there are 20 videos so far, the first gets off to a slow start, but after that it is one of the most amazing builds I have seen...
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    Chupacabra build videos

    Guys I thought you would be interested in this build, it will be the new Chupacabra or new updated Countach, Charley is making an amazing chassis and has made videos of its construction, he is without doubt a very talented guy, you can follow his videos here...
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    Live Bathurst Coverage

    Watch it here Watch Aussie V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000 Live Stream Online
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    Bodywork and final paint

    Guys I found this today, a few years old but really good fiberglass body and paint info. Factory Five Roadsters - : Factory Five Racing Discussion Forum and Factory Five Roadsters - : Factory Five Racing Discussion Forum and Ask Street Rod Painter! - ...
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    3D Scaning coming to your phone soon

    Guys have a read of this, I think it wont be long and we will be able to scan a car from our phones. There is also an interesting pdf in that blog that explains how it works. MobileFusion: Research project turns regular mobile phone into 3D scanner - Inside Microsoft Research - Site Home -...
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    T70 Spider Build

    Guys I found this in my travels, some great info on his build.
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    3D Printed car and chassis

    Guys have a look at this, a totally new way to build car chassis, and a nice looking end result, only shame is its not electric. Divergent Microfactories - Green Automotive ManufacturingDivergent Microfactories | Dematerializing Auto Manufacturing
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    Goodwood live feed
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    Perhaps not what Mazda intended

    but that's racing Mazda Just Embarrassed The Hell Out Of Itself At Goodwood
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    DPcars blog site

    Guys I found this in my travels its well worth a read, if you click on the pictures on the lhs of the home page, there are all the details you could dream of as to how they are built right down to CNC of foam etc I learnt a lot, and each model is built different. dp vehicle home
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    Late model cars not to buy

    I'm surprised a Audi a4 is in this list 8 of the Most Unsafe Cars of 2015 - Part 5
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    This could be a good move for the industry

    Bill in Congress would legally allow for low-volume replica cars
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    BMW V12 and a awful lot of skill makes
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    Suspension Geometry for our builds

    Guys, I found this today some of the best suspension and geometry and other race car info I have I have found to date, by Ron Sutton Overall Handling & Tuning for Track Performance - Lateral-g Forums Front Suspension & Steering Geometry for Track Performance - Lateral-g Forums Rear...
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    Free car mag for all

    Guys I found this and its free each month, it also has a write up on GT40's this month. Car Builder May June 2015 V6
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    Alternative engine for your SLC

    Guys I spotted this the Bmw m70 with ITB now that would be a pretty sight when you lift the hood, and the intake manifolds are available here Ansaugbrücke BMW 750, 850 5,0 24V M70 - dbilas dynamic drool
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    Exotic car photos in Monaco

    Guys I found this collection, also check out his albums even a GT40 in there amazing pictures well worth a look.
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    Building a car the hard way

    Guys, spotted this and learnt a lot well worth a look.
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    GM will build a Mid Engine Corvette

    Mid-Engine Corvette Zora ZR1 2017 Debut | GM Authority