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    JD2 Dr chassis jig.......any opinions or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

    Was thinking about buying this chassis jig. At 1495 bucks it seems to be a pretty good buy. Thanks so much for looking!
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    found an interesting project

    Twin LS7-Powered W16 Engine | GM Authority Look out Bugatti!
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    radiator intakes

    Hello everyone, Life can sure get in the way of your dreams sometimes. I was thinking about radiator ducting. Most are in the front, some are on the top of the car and some are ducted from the side of the car.....Was considering a little thought experiment. Has anyone ever ducted air to a...
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    buck building fun

    Hello Everyone, I havent posted anything in some time as my job keeps me very busy so work on my project has been painfully slow. I have made some progress though and wanted to share some pictures and get peoples input on the best way to proceed. I designed a sports racer on Rhino3D and had...
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    cool 917 build

    This guy has a really nice 917 build going. 917 FBK
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    Space frame chassis. What type of steel to use?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me the best grade of steel to use in a space frame? Could it be safely built from A36 utilizing .083 or a .125 wall thickness? What is the SAE equivilent to A36 mild steel? I've found the yield strength of A36 to be around 36000 psi, which would be i believe SAE...
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    Looking at cable shifters for a 87-89 G50

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could speak of their experience with cable shifters? Which one is the best? What are some common problems? Experience with the factory reps? I'm new to the shifter business and any input would be greatly appreciated. Have a left hand drive design...
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    suspension ideas?

    Can anyone suggest where i could find a suspension utilizing unequal length a-arms and rod end bearings, for a mid engine car weighing around 2000 pounds with 500 horsepower/G50 trans? I know this is a broad subject and a very general question but i've poked around quite a bit and havent been...
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    Just bought a Miller Synchrowave 200!

    They're on sale! Can it be hooked up to a dryer outlet? I've read that it cannot.
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    Porsche G50. Is a turbo box necessary?

    I've read and researched much about Porsche G50 transaxles. Its my understanding the only difference between a 5 speed non turbo and a 5 speed turbo box is the size of the ring and pinion and the strength of the case. Generally speaking though the price of a turbo box is twice that of the non...
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    4130 chrome moly vs 1020 mild steel for a chassis

    Would anyone like to chime in on the shortcomings and merits of both, for use in a street/trackday car chassis? What would you use?
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    A new car design! old car design.

    Hello Everyone! I'm posting some renderings of my car. Thought id put it out there in the court of public opinion. So far I have 396 cubic feet of styrofoam, a G5052 transaxle, Rhino 3d (Cad Program) and a dream. Just like the rest of you! Im looking forward to your comments and criticisms. Hope...