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    Can you identify this transaxle?

    From Larry's car in Houston, I thought it was a Porsche 915 but not too sure. Note the mounting flange on the back of the unit so maybe it's a G50... anyone? The reason why is that my chassis is jigged for this and I'm now sourcing parts for the build.
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    LHD Dashboard wanted

    Looking for a left-hand drive dashboard...
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    Looking for Integrity Koach Werks brochure

    Any brochures, pics, etc, would be greatly appreciated. I was wondering if anyone had any past issues of Kit Cars with a feature article. Basically, I'd like to have at least a look before cutting up my chassis... :) Rick (F3L)
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    And now the fun begins, so they say. Currently researching photos of Type "C" chassis to restore my ICW back to original spec. Some background history, it appears that the body panels and my new chassis were one and the same but were separated back in the 1980s, having them back together is...
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    Wanted: GT40 KVA "c" type suspension

    Looking for front and rear suspension. Thanks, Rick (F3L)
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    Anyone recognize this chassis...?

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this particular type of chassis configuration before, note the rear suspension setup (captions to follow): 1427 - Front view, note the missing suspension points on driver's side. 1428 - Close-up of passenger-side front suspension. 1429 - Close-up of front...
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    Metal spyder roof and mid-section

    Before I go down the path of fibreglass for the above-noted, I'd still like to see if this is still available from SOMEONE!!!!!
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    #6 Debut in Ottawa, Ontario

    Not to steal Mark's thunder but here's some pics of his debut at the Campbell Ford show this Sunday. I'll leave it to him for any commentary... :) I thought I'd capture both generations in the last shot. Now I have to get off my butt and start working on my '40!!!!!
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    Mid-section Spyder Wanted - $$$

    Preferably metal roof with the A and B-pillars attached but can be separate. Send me a PM for further correspondence.
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    I give up.

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    Anyone see the GT-40 in the latest "XXX: State of the Union"

    Anyone see the GT-40 in the latest \"XXX: State of the Union\" Just a quick glimpse in "Rides" while they're scoping out the new Shelby Cobra prototype... Is it me or do you guys think that Hollywood considers the GT-40 the "car du jour" these days...?
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    Fran, check this Stratos out!

    Unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Show, a redesigned Lancia Stratos. for futher details... Brought a smile to my face Rick
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    ZF Transaxle on Ebay...
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    Suggestions: Atheistic Approach for Front Licence Plate

    Does anyone have any suggestions for mounting a front licence plate onto a GT-40 that would look atheistically pleasing AND not disrupt normal air flow through the radiator inlet? Our dilemma here in the Frozen North unfortunately is it's mandatory to have a front licence plate in Ontario, thus...
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    Mega Bloks Ford GT ProBuilder #9710

    After about 6 hours or so of assembling 600-odd Lego-like blocks, you end up with a really neat (approx. 1/12 scale) yellow Ford GT. Highly recommended, pics to follow... just the thing to occupy your time while away from the garage. I just wish my car was as easy to assemble Rick
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    Ford Cosworth DFV in limited production

    Just a note in "Racetech Engineering" that Cosworth is again producing complete DFV V-8s for vintage racing, etc. Approx. cost listed is under $12K USD for short-block and $6K for the heads... Rick
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    GT40 Engine Start Procedure & Protocol

    Just a question to make sure I get this right, what is the correct procedure (including dashboard light indicators) for starting the car? Correct me if I'm wrong with the following steps: 1. Electrical system on via key switch. At this point, what colour light is correct to indicated "engine...
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    Gulf GT40 Cartoon

    Due to the tremendous response from people, I've attached the pic for your perusal. I'm currently doing a Ford F3l in the same style so hold onto your hats... Rick
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    No Ford GT in Canada, dammit!!

    Just got back from the local dealer in town, apparently, the dealers here in Canada have been told that the Federal Gov't wants to crash test two (2) cars and are insisting on bumpers (front and rear) and other totally unnecessary stuff to even qualify for certification. Geez, I guess they...
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    A most fortunate day...

    I thought I'd share with my fellow forum members what I just picked up last night, sometimes you just have to go for it, and the price was very reasonable... Rick