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    DTM- Oliver Jarvis

    I know this may not be everyones "Cup of Tea" but for those who are interested (In Australia) they are screening a round of the DTM from Zandvort tonight on Channel 10 Digital. My godson (Oliver Jarvis) drives for Audi and this is his best effort to date. This is the series that David Morton...
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    Hewland VGC for sale

    A recent change to the rules governing our group in Australia has allowed the introduction of sequential shift gearboxes. It is my intention to install either a NLT or SL Hewland to replace the VGC. I will be selling the VGC and as we have done all the hard work to make it fit in a GT 40 I...
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    Rock Star

    Gentlemen I think we may have a rock star in our midst. I have just come back from a week-ends racing at Oran Park. We had a really mixed bag of weather ' for some of us this was challenging however for others it seemed to make no difference whatsover. Tim Mackie (TimOz) completely dominated the...
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    DTM - David Moreton

    David, Did you attend the opening round at Hockenheim ? Iain
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    Bathurst 2008

    I recorded some footage of a race at Bathurst, it has taken me hours to make the quality look like an authentic '60s film ! Not too sure how you go about finding it on the site, it is filed under Motor sport Bathurst 2008 Festival of motor sport, If anyone knows how to add the link please...
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    Rf 117

    RF # 117 Mission Statement:- Build a car capable of winning in Group 2 Racing in Australia (That may sound a bit conceited but you have to have a goal !) (I should mention that my level of technical expertise is around 2 or 3 out of 10 ) A brief history of how this project came about...
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    Hewland Transaxle Adapter

    Re: Kennedy Engineering I know this is a bit of a rare one but I have had a bell housing created to transition from a Ford 302 to a Hewland VGC, we also had the Flywheel made to suit a Tilton clutch triple plate assembly a Tilton super starter and tie in with the lowest point of the Hewland...
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    This arrived in the post this morning , does anybody know where it goes ?