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    World CUP 2014, Enter,,Axis Of Evil

    Infidels, this tread is about Football (Soccer to knucklehead Americans). We welcome real fans,,to comment or bring in their usual venom as they see fit. Iron Sheiks, favorite team, IRAN, representing AXIS OF EVIL has qualified (top of the group) for World Cup 2014. We beat South Koreans...
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    Weber Carb Filters,MSD Rev Pills

    For Sale, 6 Flat screen Weber carb screens (Came off of my 48 IDF carbs) New $70- 80 These parts are used. 3 of the screens still have the fiber mesh. New MSD RPM Rev Limiters,,,,,New $27 -30 New MSD Retard Degree Limiters,,,,,New $20-30 All of the above for $75,,,,you pay shipping...
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    California Black 60s plates

    These plates (The black ones) were on my GT40 for 7 years. The only way I could use them legally was to obtain white vanity plates matching the black ones. The car was sold to an individual in Texas. I have both sets of plates, if interested; I can transfer ownership of the plates to the...
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    Brake/AN flare tool, proportioning valve,Gunston colorTune,,,etc

    37 Degree AN flare tool Summit # 900311 (Used twice),,,,listed for $30. 45 Degree Brake flare tool Summit 900310, NEW,,,,,listed $34 Wilwood proportioning valve # 260-8419, NEW,,,,,listed $42 Wilwood residule valve 260-3278, NEW,,,,,listed $20 Gunson ColorTune 14mm Spark plug...
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    Used Auto lift $950. Pickup only (Northern California). Photo below is the only one I have that shows the lift. Yes, the photo is a one car garage! Send a PM if interested.
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    Mr. Speaker,,,"Moderator"!

    The President of United States,,,,,,,,,,Barak HUSSEIN Obama:drunk: ALL OOOOOOOLD white Men (NOT young people or white women,,,LOL):thumbsup: Pack up your bags and head on back to Europe. The country is getting "Darker and Darker". Your grand kids, DO NOT listen to your tired old crap...
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    Starter, gtd/un1

    Used but in excellent shape GTD Starter: will crank a 302 with 9:5.1 Comp. Ratio all day! $60 USA Shipping only
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    GT40 Parts For sale!

    Now that I am "Car-less",,,I have the following items for sale. Shipping is FREE for USA,,, for others ,,,,I have to look it up. All parts are used with the exception of Water Bottle/Pump. Complete Facet Dual pump set up (PUMPS, Filters, Regulators, hoses and 2 new filters) $250 2 Glass...
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    Gt40p, you choose the price!! - *SOLD*

    MY GTD GT40P (wide rear) is for sale! The car is registered and resides in California (2005) with Black 60s License plate under SB100 and is basically exempt from California’s stringent smog laws. This sale is a bit different than most GT40s!!! Although the car is complete, I am willing to...
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    WHY ALL American Presidents Visit Israel, when runing for presidency?!!

    Why do all American Presidents visit the country of Israel during their campaign for presidency?! Do they need a blessing?!!!!! Could it be that they are being checked for certain “qualities”. Candidate MUST; 1-Have been circumcised 2-Have a funky haircut 3-Be arrogant 4-Eat...
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    FREE Granada Brakes (GTD)

    My old GTD Granada Brakes (Calipers, rotors, pads and small plates/hard lines) are avilable FREE. This is for front and rear. Shipping cost is on YOU! The parts are in California, I am NOT :):) These were on my GTD for many years, before I upgraded to "BlingWOOD" calipers and rotors.
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    Where have all the "good" Republicans gone?

    The economy is doing great,,,, The war on terror is going great,,, Dollar is stronger than ever,,,, Gas prices are not "that Bad",,, Then WHY is it that The Sheik has to chose between a "Communist"/Democrat Obama and closet Democrat McCain???!! I am really...
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    Infidels with two wheels

    Would those of you who own Sport bikes please post photos of your bike?! I recently purchased this R1 and have developed heart murmur in the process. Please DO NOT post Harlys and Phat Cruisers. Anything that weights below 500lb and have at lest 100hp is in "My infidel" category. I am...
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    Francis Hall of RCR

    I call him Francis, because I like the way it sounds! About a month ago, I sent an e-mail to RCR asking for info on custom headers. Knowing full well I was not going to buy any kit or anything else for that mater, Francis replied the same day with detail information. He knows what a cheap...
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    Has anyone heard of COLORTUNE?!

    I recently purchased this item from Eastwood. I plan to use it for air/Fuel mixture set up on my webers. HAS ANYONE USED THIS?? Although I purchased it from Eastwood, the package indicates it is from England!! May be our brethrens...
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    GOT MY SB100

    HOOOOOORAY,,,, Number 456 out of 500!!!! Skin of my teeth. Smog??? What Smog? Long Live the Reupuli"K" of Cali, down with all Tree hugging "Commiees"
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    I TOO sold my cobra,But!!!

    Like Bill, I sold mine 2 weeks ago,,,who was the buyer/SUCKER??? My beloved brother I got a PHAT¨ check last week AND the car is still in my garage. He is building a fancy garage,,that will take a few months. I have promissed not to drive his car and take good care of it while his garage...
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    10" 350lb coil spring, QA1

    10\" 350lb coil spring, QA1 You can check out summit website for cost of these new. The 2 pieces were used on the rear, 1.5K miles. They have a few scratches. PM me if interested. $40 for both
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    GTD Brake line fitting

    Does anyone know what kind of fitting are these?? This came out of Howard's car when he converted from Granada to Wilwood. Nothing from the Wilwood line of fittings work with these. The guy that did Howard's end up cutting the ends of wilwood lines (AN-3s) and using what was on the chassis...
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    GTD Clutch Kit from Centerforce

    I have located a clutch Kit (with help from Howard Jones) that seem to be perfect fit for GTD original flywheels. I found out my original Lotus stuff that came with the kit were as good as GTD granada brakes. I think Lotus rates them for around 130 ft/lb of torque!! To make long story short...