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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    It's been so long since I posted to the forum but yes, I'm still have the car which is booked to go into the shop for welding, media blasting, and painting. I have the upper A-arm suspension sketched out but before I proceed with a scratch-built, would like to see if anyone out there in the...
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    289/302-Wet or Dry sump Best?

    Sole reason why I am also contemplating dry-sump is engine placement within my chassis, looking at it right now, I have 8" from the bottom of the chassis to my engine mounts. I figured going with wet-sump first and then decide whether to proceed with a full-on dry-sump conversion. As I'm...
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    Finally, a windshield! Thanks, James :)
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    GT40 Windshield

    PM sent.
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    Can you identify this transaxle?

    They came with the car, I believe they're C4 Corvette half-shafts modified accordingly.
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    Front License Plate / Tag mounts - Requirements

    In Ontario, we are required to have both front and back license plates, however, right next door in Quebec, they only need rear license plates. It's inconsistent in Canada :( Perhaps one could suggest to their respective governments the cost savings that result from not having to stamp all...
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    Can you identify this transaxle?

    From Larry's car in Houston, I thought it was a Porsche 915 but not too sure. Note the mounting flange on the back of the unit so maybe it's a G50... anyone? The reason why is that my chassis is jigged for this and I'm now sourcing parts for the build.
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    More goodies from Bill... :) I'm thinking of using Alcantara for the seats and dash, has anyone else tried using this material?
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    Trial fitting of panels. Scheduled for this August for media blasting and painting while I source out all the miscellaneous suspension parts to adapt C4 suspension to the chassis. I also just picked up a set of seat shells from Bill H., very happy to have that in order to determine the...
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    Ford F3L and David Piper

    Well. That's pretty cool :) Have you run a prelim FEA on the chassis yet...?
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    Is that the famous elusive '40 haunting Manotick you got a ride in? As for a burgundy GT-40 in my neck of the woods, I'll definitely keep my eyes open but I haven't spotted one around here, hmmm. However, if that's the case, then we have approximately four cars here in the area, enough to...
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    Good to know, thanks, Bill.
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    More components for the build, courtesy of Jay :) I've been waiting for a mid-section spyder for eons!
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    Working on them now, just getting the final pieces, car should be going by the end of the year!

    Working on them now, just getting the final pieces, car should be going by the end of the year!
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    Finally time to finish off the car. Just purchased and received complete front and rear C4 suspension components, I'm now drawing up plans to construct front and rear suspension using reference pictures from Larry's Intergrity Koach Works GT-40 in Houston (thanks Larry!). Sourced an engine...
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    Bulkhead Window Specs and Picture

    I'm in the same boat, however, I need this to finish welding the crosspiece between the rear "hoop"... could guesstimate based on the rear clip opening and size accordingly but it would be nice to have a measurement :)
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    LHD Dashboard wanted

    Looking for a left-hand drive dashboard...
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    KVA Gt-40

    Larry, sent you a PM on your car, looks like we have the same chassis :) Rick (F3L)
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    Looking for Integrity Koach Werks brochure

    Any brochures, pics, etc, would be greatly appreciated. I was wondering if anyone had any past issues of Kit Cars with a feature article. Basically, I'd like to have at least a look before cutting up my chassis... :) Rick (F3L)
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Somebody already mentioned it a few times but I would suggest the Jaguar XJR-15 as a possible candidate...