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    Le Mans Classic- Sunday /Evening Meal at The Hotel De France

    I have organised an evening meal on behalf of the club on Sunday 8th July 2018 at the Hotel De France starting at 19:00-19:30 hours. The two course meal costs E50.00 with a guest speaker giving us a talk about his involvement with Formula 2 motoracing in the 1960s, culminating in his...
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    Ken Miles

    This might be of interest- ken Miles – Building and Racing a Legend
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    Classic & Sportscar Show NEC Birmingham 10-12 November

    I wish to remind everyone that the ladies and gentlemen of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club have managed to secure GT40P/1019 and P/1042 for the show this weekend, along with two newer Ford GTs and a couple of the best GT40 replicas around. It would be a shame to miss the spectacle, and you are...
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    New gt40 monocoques available!

    Hey everyone, look at this website I've stumbled upon. They are selling original-style FIA GT40 tubs, suspendion, brakes, Etc It appears all parts are FIA-spec and is very exciting indeed. I have no link with the website, but thought you'd all be very interested, especially as there's some...
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    Beware of John Bremmer

    A "gentleman" by the name of John Bremmer tried to sell me some "original BRM wheels" for $3000. His emails didn't sound right, so I used our old friend Google to hunt him down. It seems he may be a scammer, so only email him if you wish to lose some money. [email protected]
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    Original GT40 Parts For Sale

    Hi, as I said in my thread about the spare engine I have for sale, there are some other period original spares available which I'll list as I come across them. I will denote those currently needing to be shipped in NZ and those from the UK- 1. Pair perfectly good (out of FIA date)...
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    FIA 1965 GT40 289 ci Engine

    1965 Ford GT40 engine complete and ready for inspection. Mathwall Engineering supplied 289 ci V8 motor to suit Mk I Ford GT40, but would also work in a Mk I or Mk II AC Cobra with different inlet manifold. See- About Us | Mathwall Engineering Limited This is a complete engine...
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    K/O Wheels Required

    Has anyone got a pair of BRM 8" or 9"x15" wheels for sale? Original BRMs are preferred, but replicas could be considered in order to get my GT40 finished. I'd also consider an original set of 4 7"x15" and 9"x15" Halibrands. Narrower would be also possible, but no wider, as we're having...
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    Chris Amon RIP

    Chris Amon: A Legend Superformance Superformance and its dealers are saddened by the loss of Chris Amon, one of the best Formula One drivers of his generation. Mr. Amon passed away from cancer today at the age of 73. He competed in Formula One between 1963 and 1976, starting 95 races...
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    GT40 Graveyard!!!

    I came across this sportscar graveyard on my journies-
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    Period Original Brakes

    "Hi".. I urgently require a set of front & rear period original brake calipers for my GT40. They should be the Girling pre-66 type for solid disks. Cash waiting for the correct brakes, even needing complete refurb. Provenance is a must. Please email a.komosa @ without the...
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    Original GT40 Steering Wheels

    Does anyone know whether original GT40 steering wheels differed between road and race cars? I ask, because to my knowledge, original wheels were dished and had round holes in the spokes. My wheel, off GT40P/1026 is thus. The only reason I enquire is to clarify whether road GT40s had tear...
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    Le Mans 1960 - Corvettes

    Hello... OK gentlemen, no GT40s here, but Dr Dick Thompson and a brace of Corvettes in this historical film- 1960 24hrs of Le Mans Corvette Documentary - YouTube
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    Le Mans 24 Hours of Endurance 1968

    For Tractor Boy and the rest of the World. For those of you who have not seen this- Get yourself a glass of your favourite drink, put your feet up and watch this Ferodo-sponsored film about the Gulf GT40s at Le Mans in 1968. My friend Roy Gillette, another fellow Club Lotus member, was there...
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    Le Mans, 24 Hours of Endurance (1965)

    For Tractor Boy and the rest of the GT40 community, this is a great old movie about Triumph Spitfires at the 1965 Le Mans, but does include footage of our beloved GT40s- Triumph Spitfire - 1965 Le Mans 24hrs (19th June 1965) - YouTube
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    15"x10" BRM Rims Wanted

    Hello. I need a pair of pin-drive 10" wide BRM rims for P/1042. The more original the better, lathough as time goes by, I might consider modern alloys, rather than period magnesiums. No scammers please, I'll do some fundermental checks before purchase. Thanks in advance... Andrew (UK)
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    DIY Car Racing Simulator

    Most people on here will be aware I am blind. However, with help of my wife Debbie and a friend, Chris, who set up the software (GTR2), I've built a car racing simulator. Originally based on a GTD40 shell, that proved too expensive to complete, so it's based on a Lotus Europa shell. We built...
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    **1968 Le Mans & JW Automotive GT40 Talk- 8th May**

    I am proud and excited to announce that Mr Roy Gillett is to give the GT40 and Sussex Area Lotus Group a talk about his involvement with GT40s and Le Mans in 1968. The evening begins with a film about the Gulf Racing GT40s of the JW Automotive team at the 1968 Le Mans, starting at 7:30 pm on...
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    *8th May Club Night- Special Guest*

    LADIES & GENTLEMEN... on Wednesday 8th May 2013, at the Surrey/SE club night at the Silvermere Golf Club, we have a special guest. Mr Roy Gilette was asked to join the JWA gulf-sponsored team for the 1968 Le Mans. Roy was put in charge of 1075 at the tender age of 19 and worked on signals...
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    Surrey & Sussex Christmas Meal 12th Dec

    Unfortunately, our usual venue, The Jovial Sailor, is not available this year. Our monthly meeting place charges too much and has a "no choice" menu, so I have contacted my local pub in Ockley, Surrey, which normally does the most delicious dinners. I have no details as to costs or menu...