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    Rear Suspension Travel

    Hi all, anyone know what the "stock" rear suspension travel is? On my car, when I received it, the swaged tubes were making contact at full droop when the car was jacked up, with the QA1 shocks on it, and was getting maybe 2" of travel on the rear wheels. I do not know if they were ever set up...
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    Door sealing issues at high speed? Design flaw?

    see this video Around min 3, as the car is hitting its speed max, the doors look like they are separating from the body. I can't tell if it is downforce on the body, or pressure venting from the cabin. But that behavior can't be right? Someone has to know the owner. Is this a behavior all SLC...
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    Questions about SLC wheel offset and carbon ceramic conversion

    So thought I would break this into a new thread, but it is really part of my build log. I am in the process of converting my Gen 1 rear and front upright over to C7 hubs, sing the very good information on the SLC hubs race worthy thread. While looking for C7 hubs, I found a a very good deal...
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    Question on ride height street vs track

    Can anyone give me an idea of what ride heights people are using on street vs track? I have read a variety of threads and it seems a lot of people are running 4-4.5" front / 4.7-5.25" rear on the street. Manual is 4"/4.5" ideal. Is that ideal for track, and we compromise for the street? 4"...
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    Bob's EV SLC Build Log

    At long last I can start a build log for this project. The idea has been building for just about two years now, serious planing for about a year. I went back and forth as to which platform to do this build on, the SLC or the Ultima. I was able to get very good scans of both chassis, and both...
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    Wreaked and Burned SLC

    Anyone know who's it is? Looks like a really hard front end collision.
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    So disappointed

    So bid on a Copart auction today on Gary's wrecked 20B SLC. Used, website says I'm the high bidder, i win the auction for 15,800. I even get an invoice for the car from them after the auction. Ten minutes after getting the call saying I didn't win the car, and autobidmaster...