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    SLC in the UK

    Hi Guys. Has anyone ever built an SLC in the UK and (most importantly) got it through the UK IVA test. It occurs to me using an LT4 engine would be a good start point and the rest of the build would be all the requirements that us Brits have to deal with (most of which would cause our American...
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    December 2017 'Fortyfication'

    I've just received the latest 'Fortyfication' magazine ....... stupendous round of applause to Editor, John Allen. A fantastic job. This is his last issue as Editor and he deserves huge thanks from everyone in the Club for the role he has performed. Tony Hunt set the bar at a very good level and...
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    Haynes GT40 manual

    Hi Guys, I've mentioned this elsewhere on the site ....... but in case you miss it ...... the book shop 'The Works' in Great Yarmouth has the Haynes GT40 Owners' Workshop Manual on sale for a stunningly low £6. Maybe other branches have stock as well. I imagine that once they're gone that will...
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    Fortification No. 110 June 2016

    Congratulations and a BIG thank you to John Allen for putting together the latest edition of Fortification. And a nod to those behind the scenes that persuaded and helped John pull it together. The mag has some great content in particular the historical articles. Well done John ...... and also a...
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    Keith ( & others ) sleeping

    Am I dreaming ..... it's been several hours since the announcement was made that BBC1 will not cover Formula 1 in 2016 ..... and I fully expected this forum to be full of comment. When the nations prime public funded broadcaster chucks in the towel on a global sport it raises a lot of...
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    Renault UN1 gearbox help

    Hi Chaps, Went to go out in my MDA a couple of days ago .... started it up and reversed it out of the garage. Ten minutes later jumped in and fired it up and it wouldn't select any gears including reverse which I had just used. The whole mechanism seemed to be jammed. Today I undid the last...
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    Stoneleigh Show

    Is anyone taking their car to Stoneleigh on the May bank holiday weekend. I would hate to be there on my own. Steve.
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    Conversion to Weber IDA's

    Hi Everyone, I would welcome input on fitting Weber IDA's to my car. Many of you will have seen the car at the NEC Classic Motor Show and some of you will know it as the car built by Phil Thompson in Sussex. It is basically an MDA based vehicle and Phil appears to have done a superb job in...