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    Recommendation for adding a sight gauge/tube to aluminum tanks

    Rich, your cap on that back tank is going to be a bear once the clam is on. Ask me how I know.... ;)
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    Trailer type/height for car?

    I trailer mine regularly so I'll chime in. With an enclosed trailer, any normal person will not be able to drive it in unless you have the big opening door like in Bill's post above. A trailer with a winch makes it much easier to load and if it's got a wireless or long corded remote it makes...
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    Drop gears or not to drop gears?

    I started off with LS7 and no drop gears. Car redlined at about 172mph. Gears where so low I generally just used 2/4/6 (did not use the odd gears). I now have a 4L turbo engine (turbocharged) that redlines at 8,000rpm and have the 1.04s. Even with a higher revving engine the drop gears are...
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    Using an EWP as an auxiliary pump to the mechanical

    Just saw this post. I use the Davies EWP150 *and* an a Davies EBP23 pump. I am currently running a Toyota 1UZ, turbo charged with water cooled turbo and waste gates. For a while I was running a Water to Oil Oil cooler as well. Mine is currently setup as: Booster pump runs with ignition and...
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    My Texas Title Experiance

    I've decided to Title my car. So I was researching Mark B's not paying tax in Texas. THIS IS CORRECT! I also noticed that it looks like you should not have to pay for custom plates for a "Custom Vehicle" though this is contrary to what the DMV paperwork says they are doing ($40/yr). ** On...
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    C8 engine and transmission

    If you have a running car, it probably won't be that difficult to reverse engineer the communications with the TCU (or to control the trans directly). Clutch engagement handling will take some time and a test mule (and perhaps some clutch disks) to get correct. But I think you can hang up...
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    At one point I had LS7 with LS7 manifolds, cats, no mufflers, side exhaust. With the manifolds, there really is not room for Cats and Mufflers - might not be impossible, but real tough. With true headers, you would not have room for any effective muffler. Not that I have a problem with that....
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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    It sounds a lot like our Sprint cars. Just does not rev as fast (keep in mind we run mechanical FI and no flywheel/harmonic balancer).
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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    That car has a LOT of overlap in the cam. Does it have a 4/7 swap?
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    I have the mother of all turbos in front of LR wheel. About 12" of 4" pipe and it exits in front of the rear wheel. Actually above is an old pic. Here is a post turbo pic....
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    Keep it! Although I have no idea why you put a muffler on it ;)
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    Graziano Gearbox Support

    I'm more than happy with the drop gears I got from John @ HCF a while back. Here is the post where I passed on my thoughts about them. I think most guys with a V8 hung on the front of the Graz would be happy with some type of gearing change...
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    I switched from DBW to cable. I’ve re-worked the cable once to remove a 90 bend at the peda because it had too much friction. my current setup uses one off brackets to allow the cable to come straight back from the pedals along the center spar. Through the fuel tank hole, then a big S bend to...
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    Setup for top speed run?

    Caster 6, camber 1, toe we measure in inches, with nose off. 3/8” front toe in as measured from back of tires to front of tires (is that clear?). Sorry for the toe in inches, but we are dirt guys 90% of the time. Was only a few years back that we stopped eye-balling the toe ;). rear we are...
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    Setup for top speed run?

    In relation to Hill's comments, I should mention I have front fender vents, run the car at 3"F, 3.5"R, Street tail with the whole back end of the the tail removed (from taillight to taillight and down to the bottom).
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    Setup for top speed run?

    Sorry for the late reply. I've run Texas Mile after some high speed on-road racing. I removed the wing also. First time I had run over 60mph w/o the wing. Over the years I've been dialing out more and more AOA on the wing, so probably don't have a huge amount of downforce now. I still found...
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    CamT's build thread

    Sorry for the late reply, I've not been on the forums for some time. The orange is AWSOME!
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Lol. We have wooden blocks (cut from 2x4s) for the Sprint Car. Every race night starts with the car "blocked" (ride height set) for the track we are at and then we adjust from there. I have had adjustable blocks. But at $80 or so a pair, all those times I left them on the car when it headed...
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    Mark, Your hinges look good. I have the machine tools (Mill, Lathe, etc) and I'd be OK with those. But, you might think about increasing the size of your pivot bolt. It's taking a lot of load in shear. Should probably be a good quality 3/8" bolt. As for finishing those, a router (wood...