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    Source for locking pin for pin drive adaptor

    Yuji I bought the knock-off wheel adapters and wing nuts from (old) Halibrand in 1993. Safety clips were part of the package. I'm using these on replica Cobra. I just went to new Halibrand website and I didn't see my adapter listed nor safety clips. Cheers....
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    Source for locking pin for pin drive adaptor

    Re: Here's pic of locking pins for pin drive adapter
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    Motec Support in the US.

    Hi Wally I bought my USB to Can adapter for M800 from Kinsler; this was purchased in Spring 2009. Ken
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    Which watch do you wear?

    6239 PN.... and Breitling Cosmonaute...
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    I have a newer Navitimer Cosmonaute; its my daily wearer.
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    Near Miss

    David, a correction. That crash occurred on 401 west of Milton, On., near Guelph Line.
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    Avro Vulcan XH558

    As a Met forecaster at Goose Bay, CYYR, saw Vulcans heading home to GB after a stint of low level training flights. Mighty impressive take-off. steep turning climb after lifting of the ground. Used to brief RAF flight crews on their return trip home. In comparison a B-47 had a very long...
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    Motor won't start

    Thanks Dave for your response. Ken
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    Motor won't start

    Hi David I'm having issues with my Accel dual sync distributor. My engine tuner says the distributor will not hold its timing; ie timing is inconsistent or erratic. Do you think that your fix for Tim's will fix my problem? If so, could you send me this filter. I live in GTA (Newmarket)...
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    Fuel shut off valves

    Canton Racing Products sells accusump electric valve kit which has 1/2" NPT and can be used with 1/2" to -8 AN reducer. Canton part # is 24-270 and is 12vdc and normally open. I use a Honeywell solenoid for my accusump but they don't list this product any more. Cheers.... Ken
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    Looking for Weber 48 IDA Trumpets

    Try Inglese...they sell Weber trumpets...
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    Motec M800 base fuel map file for Ford 427 Cu In V8 needed...

    Hello, I'm looking for a base fuel map for Motec M800 ECU. It will be used with Hilborn EFI on Ford 427 normally aspirated engine. Estimated HP 450-500. Accel dual sync distributor will hand Ref and Sync,, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, Siemen Deka 55 lbs/hr lo impedance fuel injectors, Map...
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    Hershal in hospital

    Hope you're feeling better; speedy recovery. Ken
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    In Car Video

    Hey Canuk40 Very impressive. Was the venue Yellowhead Highway to Jasper? If it is, it's nice straight highway almost to Jasper; not many Bears patrolling the road. I've driven this stretch several times to Kamloops.
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    Oil filter adapter for 5.0 Windsor

    There is one on ebay; it's not mine and I don't know what the condition is. Here is the url:
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    494 can am block

    Gary 494 CANAM engine is based on BOSS 429 engine 385 series; not on FE 427 engine. I'll buy for it $200.00
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    Canadian Dealer for MDA Cars

    You're closer than Burlington. Thanks.
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    Canadian Dealer for MDA Cars

    Chris, Where in Ontario are you located? Thanks
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    aluminum floor jack

    Summit sells them for $169.95 in their catalog.
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    427 induction/heads setup

    I thought GT40 MKII/MKIV used a dual plane intake manifold, not a single plane intake manifold as in the auction.