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    Tornado aluminum mono

    Hey all, Andy just posted pics of the aluminum mono. I must say, it looks very nice. I am starting a new thread since I cannot directly comment in the Vendor's Announcements area for...
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    Renault transaxle flippable?

    So, I've been digging around, just because it has always been a question I feel was never really answered. Is the Renault UN1/369 flippable so that the engine could be lowered and improve the center of gravity? I ask because the DeLorean used a 369, but in a rear engine configuration, and it...
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    HR Geiger Valve Covers

    Mostly directed at Ron, but wow, where can I get a set of Geiger valve covers, intake manifold, and exhaust :) Ian
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    Pigeon Performance

    Just saw this on eBay. eBay Motors: Replica/Kit Makes : Ford (item 140046019897 end time Nov-01-06 15:57:03 PST) I wonder what has happened to the Turn Ten Racing/D&D Cobra venture. Some of the picture on the eBay listing are the same ones used by them ... Ian
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    Good news/bad news

    I'll post this in All GT40 - but Ron or whoever can move it to Off Topic as they see fit. For you NorCal guys - I am leaving Sacramento and therefore will probably miss Howard's great get togethers. Perhaps I will be able to make an occasional trip though. For you SoCal guys, I am moving...
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    Rick Merz

    OK, Tim, Bud, anyone - Has anybody heard from Rick lately? How's he doing? Settled in Mexico yet? Ian
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    Jesel shaft mount rockers

    Any opinions on Jesel shaft mounted rocker systems? They run pretty big bucks (~$1600 for small block Ford/AFR setup). Thanks, Ian
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    New GT40 fan is born

    Hi all, Just wanted to let you know - our son Ryan Jeffrey was born April 22 at 9:40 AM. His middle honors the memory of my cousin Jeff who perished in the WTC on 9/11. Anyone know where I can get some Gulf colored onesies Ian
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    Some pix of 1076 from Pebble Beach 2003

    Here are some pix I took of 1076 at Pebble. I have higher quality pix (~256K), and others as well (including some of J6 and Jim). Ian
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    NorCal get together

    Hey Howard, Pat, Faili, and Bud (and any other GT40s folk from NorCal) - I saw an early summer get together is being planned. Any more info - or are we in the very early stages of planning? Ian
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    M40 info

    Just took a gander at Meat's M40 site. The chassis designer is the guy who designed the JBL Cobra. Not too shabby. Some details - 2 versions, 1 is single donor (non-V8 probably), the other uses small block V8 and (probably) Audi transaxle. The fuel tanks are centrally located, the sills...
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    2 GTDs on eBay in Australia

    Just saw them: more info at: Anyone know any more details? The first one looks nice. Ian
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    A few pix from Pebble

    Hi all, Just wanted to say Pebble Beach was superb. I got to meet Jim Glickenhaus and his son, and had a brief word with Roy Snook and Chris Melia. Wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to beat the traffic! I'd attach some pix, but they are all about 250K. Anyone want to post them from a...
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    Wayne Presley

    Hey Wayne, do you still have the little mpeg video of when you first fired up the CAV? Misplaced my copy somewhere, and I'd like to add it to my little wall of clips. Thankx, Ian
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    Good Guys Newsletter

    Saw a recent issue of the Good Guys newsletter/ magazine. Guess whose GT40 appears in a small color photo covering a recent event: Yep, Hershal Byrd's Titanium/Black RF! Congrats again Hersh.
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    Good news for AZ, MO and NY

    Just saw this in the latest Street Rodder: MO & NY - new Pro-Hobbyist Street Rod/Custom Vehicles Bill Introduced: HB 283 (MO) and SB 615 (NY) have these points: - a street rod is defined as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an altered vehicle manufactured after...
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    ERA Grand Sport project

    This is for Bob Putnam (or anyone else real tight with ERA), What's going on with the Grand Sport project? Your test car looked fantastic. Ian
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    Carbon Fibre reinforcement

    Hey all, I was checking out the GT40s restored at the following site: I am seriously interested (when the time comes) in also using carbon fibre tow dipped in epoxy, fixed to strategic locations on the body's underside for reinforcement and...
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    Almost there ...

    Thanks to DIABLO - we're now at member #914! Only 86 more till 1000! Now that's something neat. Ian
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    Aluminum 302 racing block on eBay

    Just what we all wanted for Christmas! $3500 takes it on buy it now, and free shipping. The sucker weighs in at 98 lbs. Now, if I could convince the wife what a nice conversation piece it makes, until I...