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    SLC Model for CFD

    The existing 3D models that I have seen are not easily usable for CFD. We are currently working on some options between the track splitter and the full wing style splitter. Here is what we are working off incase it's of any help to anyone. BTW, my son, Chris, is the CFD guy, so don't ask me...
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    Texas Mile

    Loaded up the trailer last night, heading to Texas Mile. Put in a fresh engine this last week (had dropped a valve). This motor is a built 1UZ with a GTX4294R. Over on facebook there is a "contest" going to guess my top speed for the weekend. I'll send the winner a T-Shirt from Texas Mile...
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    Superlite For Sale - Sort Of

    As in I guess this is sort of a Superlite... Superlite Custom Frame with LS3 and Manual Transmission for Sale in AVONDALE ESTATES, GA | RacingJunk Classifieds I'm glad to say I have nothing to do with that...
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    Who was at WannaGoFast Dallas 2018?

    Tell us how it went!
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    3D Printing Aluminum Parts

    OK, well not really. But here is what is possible using your 3D printed parts to do 'lost wax' style casting. These parts are for the cooling system on my 1UZ engine. The factory fittings left a lot to be desired for my application. Two of the fittings with sprue and vents. The plastic cup...
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    Graz Input Shaft

    My Graz is currently in the car, and I've not been able to find this info from Googling... 1. What is the OD of the input shaft (around the splines)? 2. What is the number of splines? Yep, I am swapping motors....
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    Big Bend Open Road Race 2017

    This year's race went only slightly better for us. After trashing the LS7 last year, we stuffed in a more budget friendly LS1. Motor was fresh from a reputable shop with a stock lower end. Tuned on a rolling Dyno after it was in the car. Motor lasted through about 15 Dyno pulls, a 20 mile...
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    SLC Rendering

    My Son, Chris, had this drawing done for fathers day. The actual drawing is A4 size (just over Letter size for us dumb Americans ;) ). It is very true-to-life. The reflections on the hood where the trees in my back yard. But I've scanned it and printed a 18x24" one to hang in my office...
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    Big Bend Open Road Race Report

    Several members have been by to checkout my car, I think at least a couple have placed an order. Those that have been by know that I was planning on running BBORR, so thought I would share the results... FYI, my car has a stock LS-7 and V10 Graz. For those of you not familiar with Open...
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    Question for those running EFI ITBs

    I normally belong down in the RCR section (have an SLC), but this question seems to belong in this area... We have Sprint Cars in our house. Even years in, I am amazed at the throttle response of these cars. I attribute it to 1) Injection system and 2) Lack of flywheel effect. For...
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    Wireless Steering Wheel Buttons

    My SLC is just about road worthy. For the most part it's a pretty standard build, but I have done a few things differently that I thought I'd share. So first up, I decided to ditch the factory column and went with a race setup (collapsible D shaft). I did this to gain some room and decided...
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    Damaged Grazziano - Suggestions?

    After a long wait my Garazziano with the V10 gearset showed up. Did not notice it was damaged until mating it with the LS7 today. Box was absolutly fine and RCR shipped it to me in the original crate/box. So all indications are that it was damaged before being crated. It is cracked at the...
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    RCR Adjustable Pedals Picture?

    I have the optional adjustable pedal setup, but don't see how it goes together and cannot find a picture here or in the build manual. Can someone post a picture? Thanks. Frank
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    Advantages of provided steering column?

    Just getting started on my car (It's in the garage, I'm pretty much organized now and weather is turning nasty). What are the advantages of the provided steering column over a collapsible race column? Obviously blinkers and I assume the key switch. With a removable wheel, I can't say I...