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    Motec M800 base fuel map file for Ford 427 Cu In V8 needed...

    Hello, I'm looking for a base fuel map for Motec M800 ECU. It will be used with Hilborn EFI on Ford 427 normally aspirated engine. Estimated HP 450-500. Accel dual sync distributor will hand Ref and Sync,, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, Siemen Deka 55 lbs/hr lo impedance fuel injectors, Map...
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    1967 SAE Congress Ford GT40 Books 427 on ebay

    Auction ends in about 24 hrs.
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    Cartest 2000

    Hi all, Here is a link to Cartest 2000: There is a free demo version or you can purchase one for $34.85 that you download from this site. Ken