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    ***SOLD Super nice 2006 CAV #106 for sale ***SOLD

    I bought this car because I wanted a gt40. Unfortunately I cannot get use the the mid engine setup, if feels weird to me. bad part is I had to spend 140k to find this I have literally only driven it 5 times and its enough for me to know I will never get use to the high powered...
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    GT40 driving

    I am use to driving high HP cobras, and they are so easy to drive. You can see everything, feel the movement, and predict them easily. I am try to get use to the GT40, way diff. animal. Feels odd to me with power in back, cant really feel anything. Cannot see what the car is doing. Any advise? I...
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    I bought this car about 5 months ago I mean completely redid it. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures while working on it. Here is the finished product and the only other thing I'm going to do is probably remove some carpet make some stainless panels for the interior. I think this is the...
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    CAV coolant leak

    I have small droplets of coolant coming out on both sides in my car right behind the front tire. I read that the hard line goes just pass the panels that houses the fuel bladders. My car is 104. can someone tell me if this is an easy fix where I just need to remove the panels and I will have...
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    Steering wheels and mirror

    I have a Mono carbon fiber, and a blue dished mono, I also made adaptor for CAB hub. I have a Lucas mirror. I paid 500 for the carbon fiber wheel. Can have the whole lot for 400. Pics in a previos thread.
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    steering wheels and misc

    Have a brand new Gelscoe wheel with a made hub adapter for CAV, have a new carbon fiber MOMO Prototipo wheel with adaptor for CAV, have a used CAV stock wheel, I also have a brand new MOMO dished blue anodized wheel. Have a Lucas mirror. Looking for offers. Like to get 300 for the Gelscoe, and...
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    Gelscoe steering wheel

    Brand new Gelscoe steering wheel, and center pc. I also have a hub mount I made for my CAV. $400 I decided to use the same Momo wheel I use in all my cars. The Gelscoe looks the part but I wanted what I am use to
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    Lucas Mirror

    Anyone have a Lucas mirror with windshield mount? I tried a few sellers that claim to have them but never get back to me. Also looking for Weslake or Eagle valve covers copies.
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    F250R Super Raptor

    I have a 2015 better than new F250R Super Raptor, and it only has 9,000 miles on it. I rarely drive it, and I have $85,000 wrapped up into it. 6.2L, custom leather, power windows, doors, locks, mirrors, AMP research auto side steps, LED lights thought, all white, Bed liner, underbody coated...
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    Valve covers please???

    Anyone have valve covers for a 351 AFR alum head? Looking for weslake, eagle, or moody type.
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    Bundle of snakes

    SOLD Sold sold sold
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    valve covers

    Can anyone tell me what period correct looking valve covers I can fit with my current header setup? Wondering if I can fit Westlake or similar? Any and all options are appreciated as I do not like the current valve covers.
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    8 stack webers setup

    Sold sold
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    steering wheel

    I have a 2006 CAV and wondering if anyone knows where to get a nice black steering wheel with raw aluminum center pc that will fit?
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    Getrag transaxle, clutch, flywheel

    Sold sold
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    BRM pin drives off CAV

    BRM pin drives off CAV reduced $1,800 BRM 17-inch x8, and x12 pin drive knock off wheels by PS Engineering with Michelin Pilot Sport 335/35ZR rubber on rear and 245/45ZR on front. PRICE REDUCED TO $1800 AND IF THEY DONT SELL IN TWO WEEKS I AM KEEPING THEM. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING.
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    Easiest way to keep a 600hp+ monster cool at idle. I am not sure my car will overheat yet as the work isn't done, but I want to be proactive. Want my car cool in 80 degree humid weather. Any tricks or expensive overkill parts?
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    dyno power loss

    I know in my cobra from engine to rear tires there is about 15% power loss on dyno. Is it less in s gt40 because the trans is connected directly to tires? What is the average power loss from engine to tires? I have a CAV and going with one of the big boy $15k transaxles.
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    Power & Tires

    Can these cars handle 600=hp? Trans, half axles, frame? I have a 2005 CAV. Looking at 13" wide rear tires. What can break if not equipped correctly?
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    CAV parts

    Can anyone tell me a good source for parts on a 2006 CAV? canards, rear spoiler, rear mesh vents, license plate filler cover, maybe carpet, light covers, side door covers. Also, will a Momo steering wheel fit these cars? Its my 1st 40, and thanks in advance for any help.