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    My first SL-C Christmas ornament.

    Update with photo in an hour.. Merry Christmas Fran.
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    RCR at PRI Indy.. Any SL-C owners / builders going?

    Are there any SL-C owners going to PRI Indy? Frans: Are you planning to bring any products other than the Aero to PRI?
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    U-channel trim for SL-C door opening question..

    Everyone.. I've asked this question but I'm not really finding the product that I want to use. Maybe someone will send this post and offer photos of their solution. Problem: I'm trying to find an adequately sized U shaped edge grip channel that can be used for my SL-C door opening. This...
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    Seat belt trim plate source.

    Does anyone have a good source for this part other then making them out of stainless steel and polishing them? Maybe a plastic part with a deco surface? I'm also thinking of carpeting this panel and using carpet edging. All ideas welcome.
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    SL-C images in Illustrator

    I started thinking about paint schemes for my SL-C this morning. Graphics were created in Abobe Illustrator. Join in the fun.
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Hello to all of the forum members. I just completed the purchase of Jim's SL-C in Arizona. I think that some of you have been following the "Jimer's build" on this forum. I plan to start on the body once the SL-C arrives at my home in Indiana. Thanks go out to Jim.
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    Im looking for an SLC coupe..

    Yes.. Ive been talking to Fran.... Enjoy the spring and summer. Aaron