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  1. Jim Craik

    Ford vs Ferrari coastal drive

    Got out for a Social Distance coastal drive with my friend Hoffman and his 63’ Lusso. Great drive on a beautiful day.
  2. Jim Craik

    Cable shifter out of adjustment

    Howdy folks, we recently had to pull the RBT ZF out of our SPF MKI for a slave cylinder leak. After reassembly it will no longer stay in third. It’s a cable shifter and we removed only the cable mounting plates and did not touch the adjustment threads. All the other gears are there but third...
  3. Jim Craik

    Check your ZF

    We had a RBT ZF slave cylinder failure on our P/2264. Pulled the transaxle, turns out the bleeder hose had warn through right were it passed through the bell housing. Ours is fairly high miles, but I strongly suggest checking and perhaps adding protection to this area. It’s a cheap part but a...
  4. Jim Craik

    Shelby shenanigans

    Went by the Shelby “museum” in Las Vegas over Christmas, got this nice poster. It’s really more of a Shelby outlet than Museum, everything was for sale, but nice new cars to look at... I was very disappointed to hear the Shelby docent comple with black cowboy hat and drawl tell the visitors...
  5. Jim Craik

    Rubber door seal SPF

    Howdy folks, I need to replace the rubber door seal, for an SPF MKI. Are they available through Hillbank?
  6. Jim Craik

    SPF battery?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace my battery, apparently Peb Boys does not carry this size... any thoughts?
  7. Jim Craik

    Two time Le Mans winners

    I went to Canapas in Scotts Valley today, quite a collection, including two of the three chassis to have won Le Mans twice, of course the third is P/1075!
  8. Jim Craik

    Nice photo

    My friend Alan sent over this nice photo of P/2264
  9. Jim Craik

    Name That Car

    How about this one?
  10. Jim Craik

    Le Mans Museum

    Click on the photo... You never know about the French... The Rondeau is as ugly as a race car can be, The Peugeots, incredibly beautiful! I like the Caddy best:)
  11. Jim Craik

    Parking Garage Find

    The things you see.....
  12. Jim Craik

    Barn Find

    Could this be a Lotus 91? <FORM style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 0px" id=u_0_1p class="live_10152644374134099_316526391751760 commentable_item autoexpand_mode" onsubmit="return window.Event && Event.__inlineSubmit &&...
  13. Jim Craik

    Why I no longer post in the Paddock

    I have recently been contacted by several folks here on the fourm, asking if I am OK, wondering why I am absent from the discussions... Back in May, in the thread titled "Over 92 million Americans out of work", Keith entered into a discussion I was having with Pete and Al about how the number...
  14. Jim Craik

    Ferrari Le Mans

    I do not know if this is real, I don't know if it is recent (the Marlborough graphics look dated)..... But I love it! Viviana Lopez Unoydos
  15. Jim Craik

    Incredibly brave!

    This is incredible!! I just Love cats.........I checked online, this seems to be legit! World's Most Awesome Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack A Bakersfield, California boy suffered only minor injuries after what could have... Jezebel
  16. Jim Craik

    Getting Started

    I just love this video! There's a MKIII in there...
  17. Jim Craik

    Check those safety wires!

    Frances and I were heading down Skyline to Alices for dinner last night and something in the rear end felt a little funny...... I pulled over to check, the right rear safety wire had broken and the knock off had started to losen up. I did not have a hammer in the car, but a big rock got us...
  18. Jim Craik


    I do miss him so! RIP Ayrton
  19. Jim Craik

    Very Fast Gentlemen

    These men were my heros. I'm proud to say I saw all of these Champions race, although one was a "Historic" race. By my count 19 World Championships.
  20. Jim Craik


    It appears to me that this week, the dates are all palindromes 4-14-14 4-15-14 4-16-14......