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  1. Big-Foot

    Alain de Cadenet - Gone at 76

    It’s with a heavy heart we inform you that television presenter and racing driver Alain de Cadenet passed away on July 2, 2022. Alain de Cadenet‘s cause of death has not been announced at this time. What was Alain de Cadenet's Cause of Death at 76? - US day News
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    Projects from hell….

    Fellow gearheads - I’m either going to bore or entertain you with a really long story… try your best to not skip ahead to the pictures… 1997 Ford F150 4.6V8 Driving down highway 100° outside. AC blowing like ICE. Living in Texas, AC is as required as heaters are in the Arctic Circle...
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    Auto-Autopsies - post your favorite here

  4. Big-Foot

    General Build Help thread

    Post your questions and answers about general build help here. This will help keep individual build threads centric to those builds...
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    Good article on the Originals - Including the "failed" MKIII
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    Time Machine...

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    Nuggets of wisdom

    A long time ago, I used to get these little paperback booklets from a company called “Bits and Pieces”. I see they do have a web presence and will look back into getting these once again... Link below Meanwhile, I gleaned this from the interweb today and thought I...
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    Odd Factoids...

    Sharing this - please feel free to post your own snippets of wisdom (Factoids).... ======== I can’t take credit for this but I sure did giggle…. A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (O.M.G.!!!) A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy. I'm still not over...
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    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    This is the real game-changer in my opinion... Fusion.
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    Welding on Galvanized / Coated Steel & Cleaning Steel

    Recently I embarked on a project to build a removable fence across my driveway. Building bolt-down fence posts means welding galvanized steel posts to mild steel plates. It's dangerous to weld on galvanized steel due to gasses emitted. Also, the welds are rarely clean and strong. I found a...
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    T.50 hits 12,100 RPM...

    Incredible sound... I love how they can load racetrack profiles into the dyno...
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    On the move - again - Randy V

    Hi folks, I just wanted to give you all a heads up that after almost 30 years, my wife and I are finally moving back to Texas. We’re loading up the last truck on Friday-Saturday and pulling the plug on Sunday morning to begin a thousand mile trek. I will be somewhat out of pocket for a few days...
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    Weber carburetor identification

    I purchase this set from a member a few years back. He had no idea what the modifications to the carbs were. I do believe them to be IDF carbs with different tops and perhaps chokes. I am interested in knowing any info about these carbs and tops... They’re many miles from me at this point in...
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    What-is-it thread

    I thought it might be interesting to start a thread where we show a photo of a car/airplane/boat or tool “object” as a quiz to see if anyone can identify it. Below photo meant as a joke, but if you think you can identify it - be our guest and give it a shot...
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    New GT40 look cell-phone protector

    No connection to me - just saw it on Facebook
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    Your first car was a ____________

    Post up photos and story of your first car... Mine was a 1951 Ford Club Coupe like the one in the photo. Unfortunately I have no photos of the actual car thanks to my first wife have set fire to my belongings in the apartment parking lot.. Mine was black and gray primer. Flat-head V8 with 2...
  17. Big-Foot

    FS USA Jag 4.2 & Auto Trans - free of charge

    This is a friend of mine’s post in Facebook Marketplace 116k miles - ran well - He just wants it gone. Would be a great project engine!
  18. Big-Foot

    FS USA Knock-off/on wrenching tool // SOLD //

    I had bought this from a member here a number of years ago and never got the chance to use it as it had been packed away during our last move. I recall paying $150 US for it. I will offer it up here first before putting on eBay for $100 plus shipping. PayPal only...
  19. Big-Foot

    FS USA Stewart Warner SW-240A fuel pumps and parts ((SOLD))

    I’m in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes. Offered here is a collection of various SW240a fuel pumps, gaskets and assorted parts.. There are eight pumps in total. All have some external corrosion to varying...
  20. Big-Foot

    FS USA Vintage Harrison Oil Cooler ((Sold))

    Im in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes.Offered here is a Harrison Oil Cooler.Threads all appear to be in good order. No cracks or damage other than what's visible in the photos. It is a used part and will need a...