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    MK1 single fuel filler at Le Mans 1966

    Just a curiosity on MK1 race car specs and the single fuel filler system starting from Le Mans 1966. Looking to some pictures of all the GT40 equipped with a single fuel filler, Gulf JWA chassis looks clearly having a crossover pipe in the cockpit for connecting the fuel tanks together. This...
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    Original GT40 engine mounts

    I noticed in some pictures of original GT40s that the engine mounts attachments to the chassis are not the same on both sides. On one side there is some clearance in the attachment to the chassis but I cannot figure out the technical purpose of such difference. Any detail in GT40 has usually...
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    Wall thickness for rear suspension link

    Hi all, soon I'll be at the stage of making rear suspensions, so I started to consider how to dimension the various parts. I see around that weld-in 5/8" threaded insert are mainly offered for 1" x 0.058" and 1 1/4" x 0.120" tubes. From a rough calculation, 4130 tubes 1" x 0.058" should be...
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    Ago's scratchbuilt GT40 Mk I

    Hi to everybody! After some years as reader of this forum I decided to post my first thread to present my GT40 replica project. But first of all I need to thank this great forum, it is an unvaluable source of inspiration and information! To introduce myself and my project, I'm that kind of...
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    Hello from Italy

    Hi all, I'm following this forum from some years and just this summer I started to work to my own GT40 scratch build project (after one year spent in planning). It will be a quite long project and I hope to have a lot of fun. For the moment I'm still in the early construction stage for the...