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    Well Done Don what's on the top of the rear clip, a reflector or light for when the rear clip lifted Thanks Andy
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    Fuel Shut Off Valves

    Shaun try car builder solutions under, fuel systems', then pumps and filters
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    Hi John The new reg fee is £55, + road tax, make sure you copy all your paperwork you send to them, it get losts in the deepest parts of DVLA
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    Problems finding a suitable door seal

    Hi Nick Try this company, phoenix trim supplies, hope they have what you are looking for, Andy
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    RCR-40 Parking Brake fitment.

    Hi Matthew That is the bracket but the two small lugs require welding to the larger bracket and you will need two more small brackets for the other larger bracket to help if you go to the forum and click on build logs when open click on page 4 and find Howard Bs RCR 40 ,click and then when...
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    Fuel bladder

    Currant IVA, no part of a fuel tank can be inside the driver compartment, the tank must be enclosed/covered, some have fitted tanks under the front clip, most have cut out panel access in front wheel arch area, and then the baffles and installed new tanks inside the existing tanks, if that makes...
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    Malvern Show

    It was posted up on the cobra forum several weeks ago, confirming show cancelled, Andy :sad:
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    Malvern Show

    I think this show has been cancelled Ian
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    Oil Pressure Sender Extension

    Ian Classic Instruments do a bushing kit for oil pressure sender, item SN57FD look under their sender page [view all our avaible senders] third page along near bottom of list :thumbsup:
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    Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build

    Hi Chuck Great work on the rebuild, just one thing in the second picture you are using a glass inline filter, are they near any heat, some have used these in the cobra engine bays and they have broken and the cars have gone up in flames, Andy :uneasy:
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    Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build

    Hi Chuck Some pics of tanks and 4 x fixings
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    Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build

    Hi Chuck Good job on the tanks install, ive just started this job myself, its not easy and work is still getting in the way, be glad to get this job sorted, Andy
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    wiper arm

    Hi Mick you could give Chris h a try, he has a MDA, Andy :thumbsup:
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    Hello from Devon.

    Hi Brookesy welcome to the forum and the mad house, nice to see more down this part of the country, best of luck with your build, Andy
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    Engine install

    Hi Chuck I have had a look at your build thread, can mod the bulk head cover ok, there is some space to move the engine back possibly 3/4" which will help, thanks for your feed back, Andy Tom, thanks for the reply, it should be the short pump fitted, think i will pull the engine back and have...
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    Engine install

    Hi Doug The Chevy is in the cobra, its a ford in the 40, the water pump pulleys do intrude a bit, the drive shafts clear ok, but before i drill and fix the engine mounts just wanted others to have a look, Andy
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    Engine install

    Installed engine and box today, fitted in with no problems but iam not sure if its to close to the bulk head, any thoughts, Andy
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    Tillet Racing Seats

    Hi Tom Try Demon tweeks, they do TILLETT SEATS and Kirkey aluminum seats, Hope that helps, Andy :thumbsup:
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    Fuel valves

    Hi Keith SNG Barratt jag parts fuel return valve LH part no CAC3939 £48.00 Inc vat or Centre swap over valve part no CBC4269 £54.00 Inc vat Andy
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    ZFQ Upgrade Yes or No

    Alan Thanks for clearing that up :thumbsup:, which as you say, it should not be your job, i dont understand why they have not contacted owners also, just cant decide which way to go, upgrade or not, and after his last statemen :huh:, Andy