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    ZF driveline question

    As oriented on the 40, not the Pantera, is the ZF 5DS-25's input shaft above, below, or at the same level as the driveshafts?
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    need help interpreting this ZF ID plate

    This is a photo of the ID plate on my ZF transaxle. The gear ratios seem low to me given the output horsepower of the 289 circa 1967, but I'm hoping someone might have some insight as to why the ratios are as they are and perhaps what the ID numbers mean. Thanks, John
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    original GT-40 engine

    I came across this original GT40 289 on the historic racing site today. (just below the 52,000 euro (!) BMW 2000cc M12/7 engine) parts for historic race cars - on No connection to me, just interesting to see the real deal, and only £15,000.
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    ZF bellhousing scan

    This is a shaded view of a ZF dash 0 bellhousing scan I had made and thought it might be useful to someone here familiar with CAD. The scan has been converted to a wire frame model and was professionally done on a $35,000 machine, so it's +/- 0.5 mm accurate. Because I asked for high...
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    driveshaft angle question

    I've got just the opposite concern as a previous poster: I've got a potential issue with my bell housing (289/upright ZF) being too low. I'm aware that raising the engine will increase U-joint wear, and the CV coupling has restrictions as well, but are there other factors that limit the safe...
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    Weber intake manifold and potential cooling issue

    The intake below is a 289 FoMoCo aluminum manifold (C6AE 9425-A) for the Weber 48IDA carbs, and the only head to manifold water inlets are the front two; all the other water inlets from the heads are blanked, and there was never any provision for getting the water from the rear of the heads out...
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    Help locating used race tires

    I'm trying to find a set of tires for a vintage Lotus 47GT and need advice on where to start looking. I'm not familiar with the current formula and sports car categories. Are 13" dia wheels in use now, and if so which events? My wheels are 13" dia by 7.5" front and 13 by 10" rear. The tires...
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    How the OV-2s got to Vietnam

    David, I know you weren't one of the pilots refered to, but I'll wager you knew someone who might have been! I got it from a classmate from the Air Force Academy who watched it unfold. It's funny in the way only the military can be funny, and Dick's contact info is at the bottom of the piece...
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    How do you select a dry sump oil tank?

    I've noticed that the NASCAR people generally use a 5 gallon oil tank while Sprint cars look like they're using something closer to half that. That started me wondering if there's a calculation or rule of thumb for deciding what the volume of the tank ought to be. Do you start with the volume...
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    dry pump pump placement

    I've read an article where an MG V-8 conversion used a dry sump pump placed at about the height of the intake manifold. I assume lower is better, but how much of a problem would placing the pump above the oil pan create on a 302 engine with a 3 or 4 stage pump cause?
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    Girling caliper question

    These aluminum Girling AR calipers, circa 1965-70, are different, front vs.rear. The one has a steel horse shoe shaped plate fastened to the lower face, as seen in the photo. Can someone tell me what its purpose was and why it wasn't used on both front and rear calipers? Thanks, John
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    Is a surge tank needed with Weber carbs?

    I had planned to use a simple T connection between two tanks feeding a SW 240a fuel pump supplying the quad Weber induction on a 289 engine. Do the fuel bowls on the Webers hold enough fuel to eliminate the need for a surge tank? If not, should the main tanks feed the surge tank individuall...
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    Shoulder harness anchor point

    What is the proper (or best) mounting point for the shoulder harness straps? Should it be the same height of the driver's shoulders, above, or below, and should it be attached to a separate horizontal bar running parallel to the one above the driver's head--given a basic cube shaped type roll...
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    Need help identifying this universal joint

    I can't find any information for this sort of U-joint. It acts as a U-joint between the transaxle and the driveshaft and allows the driveshaft to move in and out horizontally. I think most of the contemporary cars I've seen either used the rubber donut along with the Spicer type U joint or U...
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    Tire compounds and safe suspension loads

    To be sure I stay within safe limits I’m trying to figure how much my rear suspension loads would be increased from 1969 figures if I make some changes in tires and brakes. I’m sure improved compounds have increased the lateral G forces imposed in cornering and for straight line acceleration...
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    GoJo Mojo

    I was cleaning up some really cruddy studs from my Ford tractor that were caked with decades of sun-baked grease, oil (and probably cow dung) when I discovered I'd dropped one of them in the hand cleaner the night before. It cleaned off very nicely with just a wipe down with a shop cloth. I was...
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    Le Mans cam question (67FE-6250-A)

    This is Ford's cam card for the Le Mans cam, published in the early '70s. It indicates a checking clearance of 0.100" and two columns for the timing, one titled "0 degree cam" and one "Tappet Lift". Can someone explain how Ford defined these terms and how the timing was measured then, and how...
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    The delights of owning an English sports car.

    I've owned a TR-3, two E Jags, and a Lotus and I've come to the conclusion that you have to like English sports an awfully lot to put up with them. Here's a few reasons why. The TR was an absolute joy for a 16 year old boy to drive around in. On the other hand, the plug-in side curtains...
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    which water pumps for small block Fords?

    Can someone explain the difference between the stock Ford water pumps, the terminology they use, i.e "shortie" etc., which pumps work with which blocks, and the rpm that the impellers begin cavitation? I had thought that the Ford 289/302 engines used the same water pump until I got mine out...
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    fire suppression

    Some of the large turbine-driven natural gas compressors I worked around in the '70's were protected by nylon tubing pressurized with Halon gas. In the event of a fire, the nylon would melt releasing the halon at the point of combustion. The theory was that this would gain time to mount an...