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    A dilemma (NSFW)

    Re: A dilemma some picture of my garage...:pepper: need help to fix some issue on the car...:rolleyes:
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    Superlite Roadster....

    Looks like ARIEL ATOM made in europe see Light chassi and body, Honda engine, 0-60mph in 2.9s !
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    gtd 40 - MK IV

    Sorry guys :confused:, the correct link is there is one in Supers cars for sale... and a picture....
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    do you know this car ?

    Hi all ! Does somebody knows this car ?;)
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    gtd 40 - MK IV

    I 'd like to have some information about GTD40 MK IV there is one in Is this model popular ? has it really existed or is it a customized car ? thanks !:rolleyes:
  6. New GT for LE MANS ?

    New GT for LE MANS ?

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    What Colour should my GT40 be?

    So many choices ! see enclosed pictures I've got same issue !:pepper: I like black with silver or orange stripes, dark blue with white stripe, or a special one : dark purple (Porsche 911 1993 aniversary color with white stripes) Good luck
  8. LOLA MK3 B

    LOLA MK3 B

    Historic competition in Dijon, France, 2002
  9. LOLA MK3

    LOLA MK3

    Historic Competition in Dijon, France 2002
  10. GT40 in Daytona

    GT40 in Daytona

    GT40 in Daytona 1965
  11. GT40 in Daytona

    GT40 in Daytona

    GT40 in Daytona 1965