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    Hi spec combined callipers/handbrake

    Hi all Has anyone managed to get their 40 through an IVA test with this calliper unit? Regards Rich
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    ZF Crown wheel and pinion

    Hi all Looking for a good condition or new CW/P for a ZF 5- DS25 Many thanks Rich
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    Re: ZF Crown and Pinion??

    Hi All Whilst on the thread of a ZF. does any one have a "spare" :o) or resonably priced crown wheel and pinion? Many thanks Richard
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    Cima transaxle

    Hi Looking for advice on this gearbox, has anyone fitted this box to a 302, what bellhosing is required etc Many thanks Richard
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    Richard's MDA Build

    Hi all I thought I would start a build log just for interest and as a incentive for me to finish the job in good time (unlike the last one) I recently purchased a MDA rolling chassis with most of the ally panelling work completed, unfortunately the ally was bonded onto the chassis and some of...
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    G96-50 advice needed

    Hi all Having purchased my second 40 kit (MDA) I am looking to install the best transmission I can but alas cant stretch to a ZF/ZFQ...I have located a G96-50 6 speed but need some advice about it. Am I right in thinking its all wheel drive? Does it require any internal modifications to be used...
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    KVA on the last

    HI all Well life began for my 40 in 1989, a KVA Mk1 with their last c type chassis. The car was mainly built by professionals over in Norfork whereupon it had a few chassis and suspension modifications, it also received some marvelous ally panel work which makes this car stand out from the...