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  1. Dwight

    Borla 8 stack system - Problems

    The first time I tried to start my Borla system with Megasquirt ECU it would not start. The ECU did not have a run program in it. We had to contact the seller of the ECU and get the program.
  2. Dwight

    RCR40 - Help with dash fit and placement - AC vents

    I took a piece of aluminum pipe and welded a homemade washer to it. RTV-ed it in place and attached my AC hose to the bottom. It has been a long time since I installed mine. But I think I remember a fiberglass duct under the dash. I had to cut some off the ends and re-glass them. I have pictures...
  3. Dwight

    Ken's # 1 paint scheme color code?

    Does anyone know what Ken Miles number one Gulf paint codes are? Base blue? Orange? White strip? Light blue pin stripe? Maybe someone knows the Superformance codes.
  4. Dwight

    Active Power MKII rear clip and duck bill

    RCR rear clip. Sorry I don't have a better side view. Their body was popped off of P-1008
  5. Dwight

    Trailer type/height for car?

    Eddie hauled my GT40 to the dyno shop on his trailer. A pickup with a covered bed would haul small parts. Open trailer and a new GT40 even in the rain would not be a problem.
  6. Dwight

    Engine dies when clutch operated.

    Update Block hot tanked and thoroughly cleaned. All oil gallery rodded with round wire brushes. Oil pan cleaned. All parts cleaned. Crank, rods, pistons installed into block. Next week heads and the rest of the motor. My machinist has 30 years of experience building engines and race cars. We...
  7. Dwight

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from a warm North Alabama. 62 degrees when I got up this morning.
  8. Dwight

    What cam and CR are you running with 8 stacks?

    which EFI system will you be using? I have Borla Eight Stack. I called their tec line a couple of months ago and told him I had a sbf 347 in a GT40 with G-50 transaxle. He recommended Comp Cam 35-518-8. I have run this cam in another motor years ago. Fuel injected 354 (347 with more stroke)...
  9. Dwight

    Please Post your location

    Great idea.
  10. Dwight

    Bob Bondurant

    Bob, Pat, Allan Grant and the guys who brought their Daytona Coupes to the 2011 London Cobra Show
  11. Dwight

    Bob Bondurant

    yea, Bob was a great guy. I was privileged to meet him several times at the London Cobra Show and Mid Ohio race track. Great guy!!!!
  12. Dwight

    Bob Bondurant

  13. Dwight

    Bob Bondurant

  14. Dwight

    Bob Bondurant