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    Engine install

    Installed engine and box today, fitted in with no problems but iam not sure if its to close to the bulk head, any thoughts, Andy
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    Happy new year

    Like to wish all a Happy new year, and a great 2010, all the Very best Andy :thumbsup:
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    MK 1 Rear clip ducts

    Hi All, trying to get a set of mk1 rear clip ducts, been in contact with bill hough, but not had anything back yet, does anybody if bill is ok, many thanks, Andy
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    fly by wire throttle

    Anybody fitted a fly by wire throttle system, instead of cable, make and costs, thanks Andy
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    RCR roll cage steel gauge

    As the title reads, does any one no the gauge thickness of the roll cage steel used, thanks for your replies, Andy
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    rcr fuel senders

    Can anybody help with the size thread and type on the fuel pipe/sender unit, Many thanks, Andy
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    Classics at the Castle

    20th July Sherborne Dorset, sounds a good show, any cornwall/devon boys going, could arrange meet to travel up, Andy
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    Silverstone Classic

    Its all happening in July, after Le Mans Classic, break for one weekend, then its the Silverstone Classic, 25,26,27th July, great weekend last year, cant wait, Andy :pepper: