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    Steering column controls.

    Try hillman imp
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    Engine Idles Down When Electronics Are Switched On

    You would probably be well advised to change the routing on the two wires rubbing on the pole at the back of the alternator also could be a future problem,car looks nice
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    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    how do you order the book please
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    Plenty to see at goodwood

    had a great day out,and more tomorrow
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    Gt40 1076

    Many thanks
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    Gt40 1076

    Nobody know anything ,or am I missing something
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    Gt40 1076

    Does anybody have any idea where 1076 lives nowadays and who owns it
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    do you have a one piece input shaft ?
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    You got to love this forum
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Thankyou I honestly thought thats the way they were made, so I guess the fix is to weld up and re-MI’ll the slot many thanks for the info
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    Could you send a picture of unwarn fingers please
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    Exceptional effort well done
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Let me know if I can help , always up for a road trip
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    A Problem For the Panel

    My two pence worth is that that would be a little misleading you need to tell people when they are buying the car you need an engine transmission and some wheels quite a big thing to be missing quite a big thing not to be told that you need .if I was selling cars in excess of $100,000 I think I...
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    Battery location Southern GT

    Mine is up front ,no issues starting ect ,use big fat wires, battery nice and cool,put isolation switch where ever you want if you making the leads,all up to you your car your preference,enjoy
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    Iva certificate

    On mine it is left blank ,
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    Is Raceline the best place to get decals or is there somebody in the UK cheers mark
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome Gary hope your bild goes well joinint this forum is the best tool in your toolbox I’m sure you’ll find that out enjoy
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    Even more success!!!

    Thanks lads just wanna say a massive thank you to everybody who has helped on this forum big long list of people when we talk to and you know who you are ,would like to say thank you to Sam my son who basically built the car I just pointed him in the right direction and give him the confidence...