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    dropped floor tray

    Ive dropped mine by 40mm just over 1.5". I have a Tornado chassis and I fabricated a sub-frame that bolts on to the underside of the existing chassis rails which tapers down at the front to prevent a step in the floor pan. I did this so that it could be removed if necessary, although you would...
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    302 SBF Block Age

    Cheers Rick, I have been to this forum already, it's all interesting stuff but no serial number references I could find.
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    302 SBF Block Age

    Can anyone help me identify the age of this block by the stamped numbers. I'm sure it's a Mexican SBF 302 block from the engine casting reference, but I cannot find any conclusive reference to the engine stamping numbers
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    Drawings for sbf to audi 01e transmission

    Hello Daniel, it's been some time since this post, did you ever get any replies? I'm attaching an Audi 01e to a SBF 302 and I ma looking for some plans/guidance Thanks
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    UN1-026/27 "Holloway" kit GROUP BUY

    Hi, I have a lotus UN1 028 do you know if this kit will fit ? also what's the asking price? Thanks
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    New Member

    Hello John, thanks for the welcome I would be interested to know what steps you have needed to go through to pass the SVA, I hear it can be hard work. I have a while to go, but forewarned....
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    New Member

    Hello My name is Mark Simpson, I have recently purchased an unfinished Tornado project and will be starting the build when the weather improves and I can find a home the Lotus that is already in my garage. I have already spent many hours perusing this forum which has proved a valuable source of...