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    New SLC

    Just had the chance to visit Fran and his team in Detroit. I can't recommend this enough. The shop is stunning. There are a lot of cool cars and it will give you a chance to see how a build is best completed! These are photos from our car. I'll post more as the car progresses. Can't wait...
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    Race suspension option on SLC and street use

    Hello from TN, Anyone using the race suspension option on the street occasionally? The roads around here are very smooth and car is primarily for track days. Many thanks, Ken
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    Confirming limited slip in G50/52

    I can use a fiber optic scope to see my differntial and there is a hole in the case that reveals a gear that is consistant with a Torsen type diff. However, when the car is in gear the axles spin in diffent directions. When in neutral they spin in the same direction. How can this be...