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  1. Dwight

    Ken's # 1 paint scheme color code?

    Does anyone know what Ken Miles number one Gulf paint codes are? Base blue? Orange? White strip? Light blue pin stripe? Maybe someone knows the Superformance codes.
  2. Dwight

    G-50 transaxle power loss/

    I know in a Cobra we have a 15% to 20% horsepower / torque loss though the drivetrain and side pipes. Cobra side pipes are a big power loser. My question is how much loss can I expect with a G50 in a GT40? Dwight
  3. Dwight

    Question about starter for G50 with KEP fly wheel

    I have a IMI 101 starter and a KEP 2900 flywheel behind my 347. I cranked the motor at the dyno shop and my mechanic told me later I had a problem with the starter. To him it sounded like a gear to flywheel mismatch. I knew that there was an obnoxious noise coming from the start but hoping it...
  4. Dwight

    sell a car into Europe, Canada?

    I have a Cobra that is 27 years old. What counties would accept it? Randy, I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this question. Move it or do what you have to.
  5. Dwight

    GT 40 on the track

  6. Dwight

    picture test

  7. Dwight

    coil over spring RCR GT 40?

    Does anyone know the length and lb rating of the front coil over spring on RCR's GT 40 MKII? I have one that I think is weak and would like to replace it. Thanks Dwight
  8. Dwight

    Must have tools for garage

    I have always liked tools. I have been buying tools for 55 years + - About 15 years ago I build a 30' x 50' shop so when I retired I would have a place to play. Later I added 20' x 30' onto the back of the shop. A few years later I add a 18' x 50' canopy over the front. Nice place to park my...
  9. Dwight

    GT 40 seats

    I have a pair of seats from RCR that have been stored in my unheated office at my shop. A few days ago I noticed mold on them. I need to clean them before I install them. My question is what can I clean them with? Are they suede leather? Thanks Dwight
  10. Dwight

    Tire pressure for NT555?

    What pressure should I run in my NT 555 315/35ZR17 and 225/ZR17 on the GT 40? Dwight
  11. Dwight

    how to adjust G50 shifter?

    I'm trying to adjust the shift cable on my G50. Can anyone talk me through it? RCR GT40 left hand drive car. Dwight
  12. Dwight

    FS USA Chrome Dzus fasters

    I have six new chrome plated 5/16 shank self ejecting DZUS faster for sale. I had to go with longer Dzus. $60 for all six. I will ship with in continental USA for $10. Dwight Frye email me at [email protected] for pictures or questions. Thanks
  13. Dwight

    best heat shield material

    OK it cold outside and we need something to talk about. So my question is. What is the better heat shield material for the rear deck above the motor & exhaust, aluminum or stainless? Polished or raw? Why Dwight
  14. Dwight

    Rear Clip heat shield pictures, please

    I need to mount studs to the rear clip (cam shell) of my RCR GT40 for a heat shield above the motor. I need pictures to give me an ideal. Please post your pictures or tell me what I need. Thanks Dwight P.S. car goes into the paint shop within the next couple of weeks.
  15. Dwight

    26 GT 40s video

    Crank Your Speakers Way Up To Hear A Parade Of 26 Ford GT40s
  16. Dwight

    GT 40 intake

    I have a friend with an intake cast at the Ford plant in Sheffield, Ala. We think it's magnesium. It weights 15.8 lbs. Ford logo and Sheffield logo cast on the runner. XE-63427 which we think is 1963 427. Sheffield was one of Ford aluminum casing plant. We know that Paul worked there and brought...
  17. Dwight

    rear view camera

    has anyone check out this rear view camera? Backup Camera System | Rear View Backup Camera |
  18. Dwight

    Gulf Livery color question

    I've changed my mind. I'm painting my GT 40 Gulf Livery colors. I like the number 6 car. My question is how wide is the stripe across the top? Thanks Dwight
  19. Dwight

    need help, bellow

    I'm trying to buy a bellow for the steering tie rod on my RCR GT 40. The left and ride side bellows are different. The one does not fit into the hole in the chassis so I'm trying to find a mate to the other side. When I checked pictures in the RCR manual it shows the two I have. But the one does...
  20. Dwight

    CV boot band

    I have a G50 in a RCR GT40 with the C-4 axles / hub. I need the boot bands. When I search for 79 Corvette band kit, the small band is to small. Dorman site is no help. Can someone help me??? Dwight