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    how to remove inner trans axle hub on zf trans

    Trying to re install axle with new boots and need advice on easiest way to install it. I have full axle assembly out I just cant put it back in without the bearings falling out... advice would be appreciated.
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    How has done a SB100 on RCR-40

    I would like to talk to someone who has done a SB-100 on a RCR-40. Ph 1 530 9419904 Thank you Vaughn
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    Cooling rear clip

    I put on two layers of cooling mat, one called lava mat and the other that gold reflectant that everyone is using. I still don't have the cooling I need in the rear clip bay to sufficiently protect the fiberglass from overheating. Does anyone have any further suggestions? I know Chuck and Ryan...
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    17" Halibrand Fitment Issues?

    Has anyone had issues with fitting 17" Halibrands on their RCR? There is VERY little clearance between the wheel rim and the steering arm. See below: They make contact when cornering and under braking. Has anyone dealt with this problem? Thanks
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    RCR GT40 Exterior door handles

    The body shop I was using lost my door handles. I was wondering if anyone out there did a keyless entry on a GT or has some exterior door handles for sale. Call me at 530-941-9904 if you do.
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    Suggestions for cooling tubes for breaks

    Looking for flexible tubing to be used for getting air to cool the brakes. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Trying to avoid extensive search on build forum. Getting lazier my old age. Thanks for any help.
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    Dashboard vent for RCR 40

    I need a dashboard vent for my RCR 40. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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    Need throttle cable

    I'm building a RCR GT 40 and I'm running a Holly Ultra dominator four barrel. I know that some of you guys have used Lokar for this application. Could you send me a part number or any information that might help. Thanks much Vaughn
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    Radiator Shroud and Plumbing

    A picture of my buddy Dale, we cut out a construction paper mock up of the radiator shroud which I made out of polished stainless aluminum. Doing those inside cutouts is a real challenge, but I think it turned out really well. Dale used a plasma cutter to do the cut outs, but you don't want to...
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    Installing Gas Filler and Locking Gas Cap

    These are a few pictures of what Dale and I have been doing to get some of the plumbing done. Making the angle from the gas cap to the tank was a bit challenging, but with a little help from a muffler shop and some good welding we were able to get it finished. Like most of you who have installed...
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    Placing windshield

    I'm a little confused about the windshield placement in my RCR 40. I know that a couple of you guys out there have set your windshields. Did you have any problems with the spacing around or behind the windshield as it makes contact with the spider? If so what did you do to solve it? At the very...
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    Installing Plexiglas question

    I'm getting ready for the final finish and installation on my RCR Plexiglass. I remember reading some threads about different types of screws to use for this job. I want to use something that will allow me to take the Plexiglas in and out without risking the cracking of the glass. Thanks for...
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    Oil pan

    I'm building a Ford 302 -347ci and I'm planning on using a Canton Road race front sump oil pan with 7 1/2 inches of depth part no.15-630. Will this pan work in the RCR GT40? Vaughn P.S Fran if you see this let me know or anyone else that can help with this question.
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    Vaughn's RCR Build

    Finally got around to posting some pictures of the arrival of my RCR from Fran. Needless to say my grandson were very excited along with my wife. We took no time in unloading all of the goodies from the car, and also seeing how I would fit into the car being 6'2" 265 lbs, I thought it might...
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    Questioned about door hinges

    Has anyone istalled the new door hinges that Fran is providing for his RCR GT's? If so could you send me a post and some pictures to give me a little help? You know that old saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks very much. Vaughn
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    Happy RCR Owner

    I just received my new GT40 from Fran. Words can't describe the workmanship in this car. The aluminum welding is absolutely superb, along with the fiberglass body. This car looks like it is doing 120mph just sitting in my driveway! The delivery time was even better than Fran quotes on his...
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    I pulled the trigger!

    Hello to all. I pulled the trigger about three weeks ago on the turnkey GT40, #151. In reading Ron Earp's last post, it appears that we need to contact Robert Logan personally. If any of you have his phone #, could you please send it to me so that I can communicate with him about this car. I...
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    I pulled the trigger!

    Hello to all. I pulled the trigger on a turnkey about three weeks ago, #151. I'm looking forward to future updates on cars being finished and delivered from South Africa. I understand from Ron's last post that Robert will be communicating with us individually. Am I right about this? If...