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    Willwood Reservoir sealing

    This is an old subject I guess! I've had a persistent very slight weep of hydraulic fluid from the Willwood clutch master cylinder reservoir on my Mk1 RCR. Despite tightening and refitting the assembly the weep remained. The clip design and the relatively thin plastic does look a little tricky...
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    Side intakes

    Does anyone know who in UK can supply inserts for the oval side intakes (lower B pillar area)? At the moment I just have the bodywork inlet and need to tidy up the area into the rear of the car and split the air supply to brakes and oil cooler. I've seen these on Superformance cars recently...
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    Wilwood handbrake mech spot calipers

    I need to improve the handbrake efficiency on my RCR GT40 Mk1 from 12% to 18% to pass UK IVA. I have the standard RCR Spec Wilwood mech spot caliper set up. I'm working on improving the leverage at the handle and the caliper arm but have drawn a blank on improving the friction with a softer...
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    Tyre Choice in UK

    I'm looking at tyres for my RCR Mk1 here in UK which is heading toward IVA testing. It came with S rated (112mph) BFG tyres which I assume will not pass IVA. I guess V (149mph) would be acceptable. The only 295/50R15 and 205(or 215)/60R15 I can see right now are the very pricy Avons at around...
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    UK IVA Test Station Choice

    I am now in the process of prepping and spraying the bodywork of my RCR GT40 so am on the home run to completion and IVA testing here in the UK. I am based in North Essex and would interested to hear if Forum members have had particularly good experiences with IVA Test Stations in the South and...
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    01E Clutch release bearing pre-load

    I have a 302 engine/Audi 01E transaxle set up with a Kennedy flywheel/adaptor plate and Helix made clutch plate. I'm keen to set the clutch release bearing pre-load accurately and am struggling for info. I think the static set up should be 'X' mm/inches from the just touching position. My...
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    Clutch - Audi 01E to Ford 302

    I've not posted for a while but I'm on the home run with my RCR Mk1 build. I've fitted the clutch and on full throw it binds the engine. At the moment I've just got a block and crank assembly mated to the 01E gearbox and it's almost impossible to turn the engine over when the clutch pedal is...
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    RCR suspension link lengths

    Hi All, Has anyone got the front and rear suspension link lengths for a standard track RCR GT40 Mk1? This would be from rose joint centre to centre to give me an initial set up. best regards Roger Allen
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    Seat Belt Mounts

    Hi, I'm figuring out the top mounts for the shoulder straps for six point harnesses. I've looked at a thread in the GTD section of the forum and the mounts described there look to be higher than horizontal which would allow vertical body movement. European industry and FIA recommend that...
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    RCR Bodywork tips

    Hi, I’m making progress on my RCR 40 and want to reciprocate for all the advice I’ve gleaned from you guys on the forum. Time is especially tight this time of year for me so apologies in advance if I cannot respond promptly to any questions that may arise. Also apologies to all those...
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    Purchase Protection

    I'm a casualty from the collapse of RF but I still plan to build a GT40. However I'm now extremely nervous of parting with any funds for another kit without adequate purchase protection in place. I'm looking at an overseas purchase from the UK and the options would seem to be a) Pay by credit...
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    Member Removed

    This is my first post to the forum having spent many hours reading all the useful information and comment that has been presented. For me, most has been interesting, informative, supportive and friendly and I hope it can continue to be maintained that way - very well done Ron.