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    Plenty to see at goodwood

    had a great day out,and more tomorrow
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    Gt40 1076

    Does anybody have any idea where 1076 lives nowadays and who owns it
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    Is Raceline the best place to get decals or is there somebody in the UK cheers mark
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    Goodwood members meeting

    Is there anybody able to get me 2 tickets to the members meeting for April 2022 cheers mark
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    Front and rear clam latches

    Front and rear clam latches for sale £70
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    Hi everybody ,we need to build some megaphones for the car and would like them to be close in size to the originals if possible,can anyone help with the sizes please Regards mark
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    Busy weekend

    Motor back in the car ,ready for the exhaust to be made over the holidays and finish the wiring
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    I am trying to contact Kress motorsport but struggling,I know Fran has been unwell and if anyone has info that would be helpful I am looking for good quality steering wheel emblem Regards mark
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    48 Ida linkage

    I am just building up my 48 Ida carbs and manifold ,I have ended up with a center mount bell crank for a rear pull cable,I would like a side pull cable on the drivers side (English car) so if anybody has any pictures of side pull setups I could look at so I can decide wether to modify what I...
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    Oil fillter

    Anybody got a part number for a 1973 302 oil filter Regards mark
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    Southern gt visit

    We are on the way down to sgt tomorow from the northwest ,if anybody needs anything collecting and bringing back just give us the nod Regards mark and Sam
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    Wheel tyre combo

    Has anybody got pictures of the wheels and tyres on a wide body car,any pictures of avon 295 50 15 on a 12ins rims Thanks mark
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    Block decode

    Ok one for the ford guys what is this ,
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    Anybody got a pre75 302 block hanging around that they are willing to part with or can suggest any contacts UK or perhaps US based Regards mark
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    Merge collector

    Polishing all day ,now for the welding Not sure why pics are like that slight skill gap there guys sorry
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    Merge collector

    Hi guys dose any body know the size of the outlet at the end of the collector were it meets the megaphones or silencer Regards mark
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    Was a 302 ever used in the original cars...?. Regards mark
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    Silverstone classic

    Hi guys is there anybody going to the Silverstone classic Regards mark
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    Southern gt

    Just want to say a big sorry to mick from southern gt for keeping him from a job he obviously loves for two hours , and also a big thanks to mick for taking the time to explain to me the ins and outs of building a gt40. After spending 11 hours on the road there and back , I am pleased to say it...
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    Audi 01E

    Can anyone tell me the ideal 01E box to get The ref numbers The sorce vehicle Engine size ect Who makes the conversion adaptors in the uk to Sbf 302 What do we do about flywheel ,clutch,and starter What mods are recommended for 400-450 hp Cost of LSD Thanks guys