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    O1E 6 speed

    Alot of talk about them but has anyone used them yet? what kind of power does it handle ?
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    New Audi 016 custom shifter CHECK IT OUT!

    I Only have 1 so first come first serve, if there is a high demand i will consider selling more as a vendor! This shifter was designed with ultimate adjustability in mind! This is a brand new shifter specifically made for the Audi 016 as used in a Mid Engine car application. It locates the...
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    WTB AUDI 5000 Transmission

    lmk i prefer an 88 aaz but will look at all opertunitys
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    Hello new to you but not kits

    Hi im a Lamborghini builder and just hear about yall so much i thought id see what yall have going on. any who. hey :thumbsup: