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    hello everybody, hope your all well during this damn period,i'm thinking of going/investing into a 917 build, and would like to collect a max of info before committing into something RCR will probably the start of it,all recommendations are welcome
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    GTD Restore rear brakes

    Hi all, I'm undertaking the restoration of a GTD built in the UK around 1990 which was to have had Granada/Scorpio rear brakes... the brakes mounted absolutely dont match these,so a previous owner must have replaced the lot does anyone have an idea of what these are? total diameter is 305-306mm...
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    Weber IDF's 44 or 48 ?

    Hello everybody, I'm actually thinking of mocking up my 302 engine and the Weber IDF's just look so fine, on the market there are 44 and 48 kits,can anyone give me advice which to choose and why? Regards JP
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    hi everyone, to re-register my GTD in my country,engine is a Ford 302 , i need to silence my exhaust a bit (about 10 db) actually from 83 down to 75db as the space to fit it is quite reduced , can somebody help me with finding the right muffler provider any help is appreciated Thanks JP
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    Rear Brake Disks

    Hi and thanks in advance to everybody who can help the rear brake discs on my car (theiy are original GTD) have cracks and I want to replace them I think they are Ford Granada? Where to buy from ? Thanks,JP
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    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

    hi all, I have never been to Goodwoood and I just payed my tickets for this year's event and I'm trying to go on my first longer trip with my GTD (more or less 700km ) is any club/body going ?:blank:
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    Exhaust silencer

    Hello all, my GTD with 302 Ford engine is way too loud for passing the SVA test (+-100 dB) does anybody know where I can buy a (larger ) silencer ? Thanks JP
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    Dax uk gt40 replica ?

    Hi, I recently saw on a motorshow a Dax UK GT40 replica the car was in Gulf livery ,V8 Ford, Holley carb, Revolution wheels but in a strange street set up : Left hand drive and left hand shift When were these produced or were the chassis from someone else? JP
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    Knock off wheels

    Hello everybody, where to purchase /how to do a conversion from Revolution wheels into 15' knock-off's any help appreciated JP
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    Gt 40 builf by hi tech ?

    Hello all, can someone help me out with who build this car,never heard of HI TECH result.asp?lCarID=1766832
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    New 917 builder in south africa

    Just found this on the net today
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    Gt 40 Wanted

    hi i'm looking for an Superformance MK1, with US registration (for export to europe),registration as a sixties car is very impotant, and possibly an 427 Roush fuel injection engine,any propositions? please email to: [email protected] or [email protected]
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    European Superformance registration

    Hi all, has anyone ever registered(road use)a superformance GT40 in Europe TUEV or DEKRA registration?
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    Looking for GT40 for mid-year

    Hello all, I'm loooking forward of purchasing in the near future (mid-year) a GT40 either a Tornado or CAV build car, i'm based in europe (Luxemburg) , so the car should be /have: -a registration minimum 30 years old , (in official documents /not date of construction) -fuel injection rather...
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    Birmingham Race show

    Hello , does anybody know if some/any kit car producers will attend the Birmingham show this weekend?