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    KVA Registration in Germany

    Are there any members with a KVA or GTD that have registered their cars as such in Germany? I am trying to register a KVA but I need a technical date sheet to get the car the first time through TÜV. Neither TÜV SÜD nor Dekra have such a data sheet. The guys at the test center do not even start...
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    Paint Code GT40/P2091

    Hello Guys, does anybody know the Paint Code (or the Production Car it came from) of the green Pathfinder P2091? Any information is highly appreciated. Thanks Reinhard
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    German MDA

    <u>My MDA has a new home!!!</u> Our new workshop is now finished after some problems and delays in the building permit. Some remainder-work stands still out however we hope to have settled everything until next week. Here is the specification of my MDA: Suspension: Complete suspension...