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    Looks Like LYnn doesn't live here any more

    Looks Like LYnn doesn't live here any more
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    Show us your GT40!

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    Show us your GT40!

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    DRB GT40 owners.

    I found the emissions the easy part, noise was the problem Bob Mortimer
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    SPF p2348

    You will have to cut the front off to make that one fit Bob Mortimer p2340
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    How Many GT40's in Aus?

    Hi Im Bob Mortimer, from NSW. I know of one in Sydney that was built in NZ, there are four Superformances including mine. One is being raced Two are registered I'm still trying to get mine dune just cannot get the noise to 90 db, Also i have seen one in Bowral but not sure what make. I sold a...
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    Dimi's Build DRB #68

    Hi Dimi did the exhaust pass 90 Db at 500 mm I can't get mine anywhere near Bob
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    registering a gt40 in Australia

    Gweitzel I gave up in the end it was to difficult. I did in the end buy a Supperformance and as 16/05/ 2018 have not been able to get it thought. Bob
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    GTD throttle cable re-routing

    Hi I am using fuel injection ( FAST with BORA bodes) as fitted to a Roush 347 ri have spent 12 months trying to get it to work, I require 72 lb or 35 kg to open the throttle, at the throttle bodys, add to that the friction on the cable and I have to use two feet to open the throttle. As...
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    P1109, horror!!

    If you replace the handle on a broom is it still the same broom if NO then the handle is in fact the broom, which means you can change the head and it still remains the same broom. because it was the same broom up and till you changed the handle If the answer is YES when you changed the...
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    Hi Lynn I'm in Australia can you give me a price and delivery on a JW Automotive PLate...

    Hi Lynn I'm in Australia can you give me a price and delivery on a JW Automotive PLate [email protected]
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    registering a gt40 in Australia

    Hi Gweltzl sorry its taken so long to get back I have just found your message I do find I have problems understanding web sit. IN the end I bought the car in as parts and assembled it here but gave up as it was just to hard and local help was nor available In the end I bought a Superformance...
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    Uh-Oh - My Dealer Is Out of Business?

    Anyone know were I can get a set of Neolites 974 for my Superformance GT40 Right Hand Drive please
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    Re: RCR 40 Headlamp Brackets

    HI, any one know were I can buy some Neolits 974s for my Superformance gt40 Please Must be for Right Hand drive car
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    Input shaft

    Thanks i meant to thank you earlier, but got toyed up with the car. Removed 3 mm now fitted
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    P2334 Breathes!

    Tim if you go on the Safir parts wed site and look up Bell Housing you will see to Metalastic Bushes at the bottom of the Housing that bolt to the collar called the rear Hoop in the book GT40 by Trevor Legat. In Fact looking up this information I have found the answer. its called the lower rear...
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    P2334 Breathes!

    Thanks Bill P, I will be looking for help, at the moment I am using Tim's very informative Flickr sit but I have a Roush 347 8 stack and about 10 miles of wiring to sort out, what it does and were it goes. I am using a Safir Bell housing that has two lugs that bolt to the bottom of the collar...
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    P2334 Breathes!

    Thank you terry finding your build line very useful. What engine mount did you use and did you bolt the bottom of the bell housing to the bottom of the rear hoop. I'm using the Safir bell housing and there are two lugs that attach to the hoop and can not find bolts to do the job?? any one else...
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    P2334 Breathes!

    I have but will have to find out how to up load them. Bob